Olaf's 'Heavy Chains To Bear' (Commission) by Unownace

Olaf's 'Heavy Chains To Bear' (Commission)


23 May 2020 at 16:42:18 MDT

Original upload date: January 25, 2020

Re-upload from deviantART.

A PayPal commission for Shadowlord90 (https://www.weasyl.com/~shadowlord90) depicting what would have befallen the mighty King Olaf had his coup to take over the Amarillo Desert had failed. Resigned to spend the rest of his days as a lowly "mule," carrying rocks and building tools kilometers across the burning-hot desert.

Also let me know in the comments if you think I should mature-filter this, since it's TECHNICALLY bondage, it's much less "suggestive" than most of my bondage pics. Even then the chains are more designed to keep him from running off rather than completely immobilizing him, since he needs to have enough movement to haul heavy cargo now.

For information about commissions please see my rule sheet: https://www.weasyl.com/~unownace/submissions/1735304/i-do-commissions-paypal-only-redraw