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Casey Scouter the Scorbunny by Unownace

Casey Scouter the Scorbunny


2 March 2019 at 13:22:47 MST


Here he is, finally, as promised, Tracey Scouter's twin brother,. "Casey Scouter." As you can see, he's a mix of Canadian stereotypes and 90s "EXTREEEEEME" stereotypes. Essentially a mix between Casey Jones from TMNT and the Mighty Ducks, with a touch of Bugs Bunny and the TF2 Scout. So, like...Space Jam but hockey-themed. XD

Oh and if you're wondering why he's wearing running shoes instead of skates? One, I'm not sure I'd be that good at drawing skates yet, and two, here in Canada we have this thing called "Ball Hockey." Basically replace the ice rink with road pavement and the puck with a small rubber ball and there it is. It's what Canadian kids play in the summer time when they don't have access to in indoor staking rink.