Randal "Slither" Verdun the Serperior Merc by Unownace

Randal "Slither" Verdun the Serperior Merc


14 March 2019 at 22:26:23 MDT

DeviantART: http://fav.me/dd25273

Here's a reference image of my new Serperior mercenary OC, "Slither (real name "Randal Verdun" but he prefers to go by his "nickname"), here he is! To basically sum him up, he's a stereotypical Australian (much more so even than Bennett), cocky, egotistical and sly, but is smart enough to know when he's outmatched or not to get in the way of certain OTHER mercs, like Alice Hearts or Lucas, who would mop the floor with him. His favourite weapons are hunting rifles, crossbows and huge "Crocodile Dundee-style" daggers/machetes, and he likes to keep a "trophy" from each of his captures, like a hat, a watch, a piece of jewelry, Etc. that he keeps in a display case in his house. He's basically like if the The Sniper from TF2 was a lot more smug and evil.