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The Constant Ringing [vent] by Uluri

The Constant Ringing [vent]


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Uluri © uluri
The Cat: Baby Soap
Tablet Doodle: Sin
This is a VENT art

Constant ringing.

It's not entirely what my work room looks li- no wait, I guess it does if I include the feeling. No it definitally feels like it. There a lot more around me, but at the moment of drawing this, this would be all that should be seen. Since that's what is enveloping the day. I'm stressed and wired I should say. I've already mentioned in a journal, but i've spent every day for the last three weeks having to listen over and over again a rather "dooms day prep" family member's nonesense over and over and over and over. (Accompanied by lots of spam and other people calling.) Taxing, stressful, headaches, I can't even think and sleep.

This is vent art. I am anxious. The calls are as intrusive as unexpected guests. I like being able to keep people a safe distance I don't have to talk to all the time. I really don't like talking. The phone rings. I don't want to look at the ohone number. It's more stressful than if I get overworked on commissions and fear looking at notification notes.

I hate this covid-19 lockdown with all these super social people. I hate it so much. It's like I've lost the 10-foot pole I can keep everyone like that away with.


Than you to my friends who do understand that I like to take socializing slowly. Thank you for understanding I like talking via text so that I can have conversations at my own pace and time. Thank you for listening to my ranting all the time as well, even though I haven't ranted to you guys as much about this topic as much as I do when I find an art thief.

If I could say, though, I'm not okay, but where I would say "I'm fine" if someone asked. But it will definitally be fine after the insanities of brain quiet up over time.

Artist Comment: Baby is fluffy fat and I capture her face expression perfectly. My art program crashed as I was saving this and I almost lost the file. I felt so defeated, but it saved in time.

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