PixelArt Contest [Open til Aug 31] by Uluri

PixelArt Contest [Open til Aug 31]


1 August 2019 at 08:08:31 MDT

This Contest Ends August 31st!

Something strange is happening in the kingdom. The ground rumbles a bit every so often, and when it does, things look…different, like the light has divided into waves of little blocks. It's not hurting anyone, but no one knows why it's happening, or what's going on. The royal family hasn't said anything, though Prince Zenton was seen running down one of the streets, screaming something about "not again" and "not Delta-rune," whatever that is. We asked him, but he shook his head and wouldn't talk about it.

We have an update, fellow eevees and eons. It seems like a ramp has opened up near the palace, leading underground. We haven't gone in, but the strange light patterns are inside. There's a moving picture at the bottom of the ramp, a silhouette of what looks like a strange eon. Wait, it's saying something! "Hello, everyone. I've been waiting so long to meet you. This is all I can do for now, but I'll be arriving personally soon enough. For now, welcome to my territory: the Machine City."

Who is this mysterious eon? Is it a new type? Is there really a city underneath the kingdom? Why does everything look blocky down there? There's only one way to find out!

Queen Dazzle: Welcome to Chiyeko's Machine City contest! You don't have to create by the prompt story, but this month's contest is indeed for Pixel art. If you are up for donating prizes, just leave a comment of what you'd like to donate and to where.


  • create Pixel Art involving ourKingdom Mascots
  • must include at least one of our mascot characters.
  • Can be single character, animated, or a pixel scene.
  • Bases are NOT allowed! All pixelart must be your own original work.
  • (Optional) May include your own OC. (Does not have to be a pokemon.)
  • Submit your art to theContest folderor post in comments below
  • Contest ends August 31st at midnight. Please have your entries In

3rd through 1st places will be featured inThe-eevee-kingdom's Featured Folder


- 5 piece Sticker set from DanielRotwind

  • ((Prize Donations are Always appreciated))



Contest FAQs

Q: can I enter?
A: yes, of course! Everyone including members, non-members, and Admins of the Kingdom are allowed to enter in the contest. Even off site

Q: where do I submit my Entry?
A: You may Submit toThe Castle- Royal Contests Folderand/or send a link in the comments

Q: Can DA point be converted to Paypal Money?
A: Yes, but only through DeviantARt itself. You need a DA for it to convert. Please keep that in mind if you are entering anywhere offsite from DeviantArt

Q:Can I enter More than Once?
A: Yes you can, but only one piece will get a place in the contest

Q:Can I use Art I made BEFORE I found the Contest?
A: You may use artwork you made within the month of the contest. (If a May contest, can post any artwork you made in May.)

Q: Can I use a lineart or base?
A: No. We encourage you to use your own creative skills in this contest.

Q:Can it be a gijinka (pokemon looking person)?
A: Yes, You may draw Gijinkas for this contest, too!

Q:Can I draw my Pokemon OC in it?
A: Absolutely, we encourage having your own OC's included in this contest, even if it's not an Eevee.

Q:Can I draw my NON-Pokemon OC in it?
A: Go for it! As long as there's an Eevee/lution somewhere, you can have humans, animals, aliens, etc.

Q: can I donate a prize?
A: Yes, that would be great! The more prizes the better. However we will only be accepting Points, Stories and Artwork as Prizes!

Q: Can I still enter if I donate a prize?
A: Yes you can.

Q: how many prizes can one person donate?
A: As many as you like.

Q: Do I have to be a Member to Donate Prizes?
A: No. You can still donate.

Q: Can I edit my current Entry with a more up to date version?
A: Yes, of course you can. Note: It would be easier on admins if you update the currently submitted file, as it would update on its own.

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    Yup, even though this be a DA contest, you can enter from here offsite. ^_^