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some words


15 July 2019 at 06:34:19 MDT

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Alrighty Future me. I know its not new years, but I want to talk to you again. Add some things on as well.

- Eventually woodchip that one part of the yard you can't use the Riding mower for. Can't mow it anyways, so might as well make it so grass has a hard time growing and plant three bushes or something. Plan out how to get your woodchips. how much are they even??

- Do your Daily arm excersises. heck, even doing half of em each day. The ones with the weights are real nice you weak noodle arms could use the help. C'mon. keep it up.

- DRAW GORE. What's with you? You don't ever want to use your Own OCs for gore. What a pain. i dunno, make some YCHs or something then? You have a lovely gore partner, too. You barely even touch her. Don't neglect your gore buddy, Ulu. Do the things you like. Be a happy bun.

Now that I gave you a what-for on getting your plans in order, do be well future me. Okay? Don't work too hard, but also be confident in the work you do. You've been getting the stress real hard, but you know if talking to people scares ya, its okay to take breaks from talking with folks. RElax. The world will continue even if you take time to calm. Work on your plans slowly at a safe pace.

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