Adventures with sin: p1 by Uluri

Adventures with sin: p1


5 June 2019 at 17:46:26 MDT


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Sin © Uluri Uluri
Part 2: ???



I wanted to go out on an adventure on my own today. I don't get to do that too often. Ehehe, I have quite the fun little reason why I came out here, but I haven't gotten around to it just yet. I found a sweet little story about some place in the middle butt fuck nowhere where I can get my hands on something I can't resist. 


So I take my shit and head out into the woods - okay it was harder to get there than I thought. I was sent back to the local town at one point. It's the middle of the night and I find this cave that can barely fit my ass through the opening. The one side was smooth as fuck, though, so it wasn't like I was being gouged by rocks trying to get through. That would have sucked. I hate having to fix my clothes. I'd have bought new clothes anyways :P


The tunnel was long. It took forever to feel like I was getting anywhere and then the creepy ass drums started to play? Getting colder and colder until I found some ice all over the floor. Ooh, it's time I can feel it. I'm going to *takes a few steps -Fucking freeze to death. 


Yeah nope. I'll come back. SOme nice looking lights back there and nice big door, but I'll be back. Gonna go get new clothed anyways. Fuck the cold. LILUTH we're going shopping. Wanna Hang Out?


Okay, next day. Next day I can get in there all warm and bundled. You know what I find when I get there? This treasure I happened across in this ice tomb? I've never seen such a pile of shit towering high of shoes before in my life. In an Ice cave. With like, 42 random ornate thrones and chairs and chariots too? What Dumb shit builds chariots in an ice tomb with an entrance the width of my ass? 


Alright I did find some things I can fit through the entrance, but nothing super glorious.




I'm still not done. There's something else I really want to do here like I said. I'm going to go do that real quick. 





Artist: And here we have the latest adventure that Sin had. This is only part 1 as I haven't gotten through everything and had to pause. Because we ran out of time. 

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