Aerryn Reference by Uluri

Aerryn Reference


20 December 2016 at 07:47:09 MST

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Aerryn © Tortarus
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Reference for Aerryn, since his design was outdated ever since people started adding
really cool designs on the pants. Now he has a full, final reference sheet to be used for things.
Oh my gosh, and this is like... one of the few times I've really really loved the anthro I drew,
and a CAT at that! Cat's are really hard to do anthro in my opinion.

Because the Butt hasn't uploaded this yet, I'll put some of his basic likes and dislikes in.

Fav: Arcane, Plant, Enchantements
Nuetral: Summons, Wind, Force
Don't Like: Corruption(Plague), Electric
HATE: Ice, Fire, Manipulation