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Chibi Jikiri: Personal Art by Uluri

Chibi Jikiri: Personal Art


Character Redesign, Human/Jikiri Forms.

4/5 of these characters are adopts I got a long time ago, and this is either the first or second time
that I am drawing each of them (Excluding Wedthrar). These guys have been setting
on my character list for about 1-2 years now. I have had lots of plans for them,
but never got around drawing them. Now that I finally sat down and did something,
I'm really happy. I can start working on them now. It just took some willpower.

Fisk: An Australian Shepherd Jikiri. He's not got very much self Confidence. He enjoys
doing things on his own, because he thinks everything he likes is embarrassing.
He's quite shy, and doesn't express himself very well.

Plythin: A bit of a Trickster, you can never tell when she's lying. Plythin, though not obvious,
does care about her appearance... as long as it looks ridiculous. She likes being different,
and goes out of the way to stay as such. Plythin hates keeping up with changing times.

Ellen: An American Eskimo Mix Jikiri, and as you can tell, she likes purple. She's very Harty,
and self confident. She likes to keep her family traditions with her at all times. When she
has decided on something, she sticks with it. Quite stubborn. She's a Terrible Liar, as she's too bluntly honest.

Wedthrar: A Wolf Jikiri. He likes to explore the forests in the area. Wedthrar doesn't seek to make friends,
as he is fine on his own since that's how its always been. That doesn't mean he won't accept company, though.
Wedthrar can be quite an inviting person, but as fast as you get to know him, the further he drifts from you.
He can't stand being stuck in the same place, and love moving around.

Water: A Belgian Sheepdog Jikiri. She looks to the stars for fortune and advice.
She has a constant feeling that there is something missing in her life, that she's
incomplete. However, she's also easily discouraged as she is often taken advantage
of due to her Gullible nature.

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