W.I.P. One Piece Horoscope: Sagittarius by Tzologeist

W.I.P. One Piece Horoscope: Sagittarius


13 May 2014 at 18:07:47 MDT

Oh God, I have such a damn head ache trying to draw all those stripes. I don't ever want to have to do that again. This will be the first on the chart that only has a single character on it, as I couldn't find any other characters that were "born" under this sign, at least no others that were really obscure. There were three others, one of them was a pet fish that I don't remember seeing, and there were two others I don't recall what-so-ever, so that kind of throws off my two per chart, but I will make it work. I think next up I am doing Gemini.

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    Like a Boss.
    Bestest Admiral is bestest.

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      I used to have a best friend who would talk EXACTLY like he does, it was hilarious, but I don't think she meant to sound funny, that was just how she talked.

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        He is one of few characters I've found in anime/manga/Tv-shows(ect) that connects me to my old man.
        Something about these characters just give off the same aura me dad used to give. Some of them look alike, some behave the same way ect.
        Kizaru is one of the guys that looks a bit like him and acts a bit like him too. If my dad was a OP character, he'd totally be Kizaru(with some Garp mixed in)!