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I am currently posting all my art to my FurAffinity page - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tylosoulspirit/
Feel free to go check out my gallery there as it will take me a good while to get my art moved over here :D

I'm an aspiring architect, currently working my way through 7 years of learning stuffs in preparation for my (hopefully) future job. I live in England but was adopted from Russia at a very young age so i've got Russian blood in me, though it does f*** all against the cold here and I hate the taste of alcohol (including vodka), so I think I broke the two biggest Russian stereotypes quite swiftly... Never been one to follow the crowd, though I've learnt that's not a bad thing ;)

I learnt quite quickly that I was a furry, and had been for years, after being introduced to this amazing group of people. The incredible art and craft that people put so much time and effort into was inspiring for me as I have begun to create my own fursonas and have even embarked on a fursuit, though it's slow progress as I have to concentrate on my studies (it took almost a year to fully complete the head base to my liking, no fur yet to enter my flat...)
I like to say I'm willing to try anything new, and this was something no-one could have stopped me trying as I realised my interests actually had a fandom/community it belongs to and I've already met loads of amazing people through this. I hope to meet many more in the future as well as I have promised myself I shall start attending furry conventions once my fursuit is complete (even if it only intros as a partial).

Please do not claim any of my characters as your own and do not use any of my characters for RP.
Please do not draw either of my fursonas in mature art or in NSFW style. Feel free to ask me if you'd like to draw them and aren't sure if your idea is alright ;)
If you want to do any NSFW or mature themed art of/with my characters labeled as available for NSFW, you must get my permission to use them and explain the entire idea to me before doing anything as I am not comfortable with all mature themes.

Adult art page (to keep this account clean) - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/krestfallen/

If you like my work, please respect me and don't copy, trace or alter it or use it without my permission.
Please don't reproduce or claim it as yours and please don't redistribute my work in any way.
Please do not remove, cover or alter my signature and if you would like to post my work anywhere, please ask me first.

I am now open for commissions, collaborations and possibly trades, note me on FurAffinity if you are interested :D

Icon by me - YCH available - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16806838/

Also, I may not be the most experienced in all things life but if you ever need anyone to talk to or just someone to listen for any reason, drop me a note.
I don't bite and I'm happy to help any way I can.
I am very open about myself and my opinions and will always be straight with you.
I just don't want anyone to feel there's no-one they can turn to so if you feel like talking to someone, feel free to talk to me.

Thanks for taking the time to actually read all this waffling and I hope you have a lovely day you wonderful being :)

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