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TUTORIAL: Tips & Tricks For Editing Scans by TwoFancyOwls

TUTORIAL: Tips & Tricks For Editing Scans


We get asked about this a lot, so here's a tutorial from Steph <3

This is a tutorial for Photoshop and will work with most versions of the program. I can not help you with tutorials for other programs, sorry.

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    This will help me out a lot. Thank you!

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    I could probably find out elsewhere if I looked, but right now my internet (satellite) is being heavily interrupted by rain

    What program are you using there for the scan editing?

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    Yay, glad to have this here. It's pretty much what I learned to do way back in graphics processing for "ease of converting pencil drawings to black and white" way back when bandwidth mattered so much that you wanted one-bit color if you could manage it.

    I just dated myself, didn't I?

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      Nah, it's cool, dude. I still rage at people saving (blurry) photos of drawings in PNG "so it doesn't loose any quality". Yay for 7,5mb files. Saving anything past 1mb still makes me uncomfortable.

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    oh this is great. now i need a scanner lol. but it may still help with mine since i take pics with a camera. thanks!

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    GOING TO GO LOOSE MY MIND NOW - I don't have PS and my SAI isn't capable of doing that. ;3;

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    This is so great, thanks for putting it together!

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    I wish I had this tutorial back when I worked in graphite almost exclusively!

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    I work with the levels too, but I use GIMP