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The Wishing Witch by TwistedSnakes (critique requested)

Sorry for the recent lack of updates. I’ve been facing some problems which I’ve been reluctant to talk about. I tend to keep my issues to myself, even in my close social circles.

As for FurAffinity, I try to keep it less about me, and more about my stories. You guys aren’t here to hear my life problems. But what you need to know is that I’m terrible at handling stress, so even the tiniest of issues feel overwhelming. I get panic attacks all the time to the point I had to get medical leave for a month.

But enough about me. The reason I’m writing this is because a friend shared with me this recipe (you might be more familiar with the term “ritual”) called the “Wishing Witch”. The recipe is simple: perform some steps each night for six days. Each step represents your “journey” to the Wishing Witch. On the seventh night, you will meet her to make one wish. I’m not superstitious, but after finishing the recipe things got better. I even went back to work early. A coincidence? Probably, but I guess a part of me still believes in the supernatural.

I’m not here to argue about whether the recipe works or not. I just want to list down the steps to the recipe for those who want to try it. If after reading these instructions, you think I’m full of shit, fair enough. I respect your decision. But if you think this sounds interesting and you’d like to try it yourself, I’d encourage you to experiment. The steps can be done at home, and the required materials are easy to gather.

The recipe calls for one player (that would be you). That means there should be no outside interference from friends or family, or the recipe won’t work. You will need two rooms for this: your bedroom, and a second room that is preferably close by. The second room will be your ritual room.

This room will need an empty space on the floor, just enough for you to sit down and swing your arms around. Clear any furniture between the space and the door so you have a direct route towards the door when you need to leave. The shortest path between the two rooms should also be undisturbed at all times. You can perform the recipe in a friend’s or relative’s house too, should your home be inconvenient. Ensure that the other people in the house will not disturb the two rooms or the path between them.

There will also be some materials you’ll need for the recipe, but I’ll get to them.

A few tips. First, make sure that your calendar is free every night for the next six days. No late nights with friends, no sleepovers, no drinking. You will need to perform the steps every night at 3 AM, and it’s a bad idea to attempt this recipe tired or drunk. If you miss a night, you will have to start the recipe from the beginning. I recommend taking a few weeks to recuperate before attempting the recipe again.

Second, be prepared for the supernatural: the Wishing Witch is not of this world. Each night, you’re delving deeper into the other side (the original recipe refers to this as the “Shadow Realm”). This attunes your senses to beings from the other side, and you might face some encounters. This is called “opening your third eye”. Don’t worry about it. If you stop performing the recipe, your third eye will close after a few days.

Third, take this recipe seriously. It’s not a game. It’s alright to be cynical about this, but once you make the journey, please treat all entities you meet with respect. You do not want to incur the wrath of anyone (or anything) you meet.

With all that in mind, you’re ready for the first night.

Day 1

I recommend starting on a Monday or Tuesday (more on that later). Mentally prepare yourself and make sure you’re well-rested. Prepare an object of power. For the first night, this is a source of light. I recommend a kerosene lamp if you have one, but a candle works too. Do not bring a torchlight or use your phone; electronics won’t work. Before you sleep, place the object of power in the ritual room. Make sure that the doors to both rooms are open. Set an alarm for 2:55 AM.

Night 1

You should wake up at 2:55 AM when the alarm rings. If for some reason the alarm doesn’t ring, or you do not wake up, stop the recipe and wait a few weeks before trying again. If all goes well, get up and go to the ritual room. If either of the doors are closed, stop the recipe and wait a few weeks before trying again. The object of power should still be on the floor where you left it. If it has been moved or is missing, stop the recipe and wait a few weeks before trying again.

Sit in the clear space so that the object of power is in front of you. Do not touch the object of power. Set one alarm for 3 AM. Do not use an alarm that snoozes: it will interrupt the recipe.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. When the 3 AM alarm rings, do not open your eyes. You may begin the journey. Imagine yourself at the edge of a forest. It will be dark, so pick up the kerosene lamp (or candle) and light it. This will illuminate a path into the forest. Follow it. While you are in the forest, you may feel a presence (or multiple presences) watching you. These are spirits from the other side that have noticed your intrusion into their world.

Do not pay them any heed and definitely do not provoke them. They will see that you are harmless and leave you alone. Under no circumstances should you look behind you, or look up. They do not like to be seen. Do not stray off the path or you may not be able to find it again.

The walk might take a while, but keep at it. This part of the journey ends when you reach a red door. Do not attempt to open it. Open your eyes and make sure that everything in the ritual room is still in its place. If anything is out of place, or something feels wrong, do not carry on with the recipe. Wait a few weeks before trying again.

Leave the lamp in the ritual room and do not touch it. Take the shortest path back to your room and go to sleep. If you find that either of the doors are closed, do not carry on with the recipe. Wait a few weeks before trying again.

If for some reason you wake up before sunrise, do not get up. Keep your eyes closed and go back to sleep. Congratulations, you have survived the first leg of the journey.

Day 2

Throughout the day, you may see shadows from the corner of your vision. This is normal when you open yourself up to the other side. Do not attempt to look for them or contact them. Carry on your day as per normal.

The object of power for tonight is a pot of salt. If you’re using a container, make sure the lid isn’t in the ritual room. The salt should be accessible at all times. Again, place the object of power in the ritual room, and set an alarm for 2:55 AM.

Night 2

Wake up as before at 2:55 AM and go to the ritual room. The setup is the same: set an alarm for 3 AM. Sit in front of the object of power and close your eyes. As before, if anything seems out of place, stop the recipe and wait a few weeks before trying again. Remember, your safety comes first. Do not endanger yourself unnecessarily.

When the 3 AM alarm sounds, you will find yourself in a cave with a lake in front of you. A wooden boat will be on the shore. Pick up the pot of salt (people tend to forget this step) and board the boat. There will be just enough space for you to sit.

The boat will start moving on its own. Do not be alarmed, it is bringing you closer to the Witch. Put the pot of salt on your lap and hold it securely with one hand. The other hand should be prepared to grab a handful of salt.

If you’re lucky, nothing will happen on the boat ride. I’ve heard a few cases where this has happened, but these are rare. Instead, what usually happens is that entities will reach out from beneath the water and try to board the boat. Do not panic. Throw a handful of salt at them to ward them off. If you hear them attempting to board behind you, throw the salt over your shoulder. Do not look behind you.

Do not stand up on the boat. Do not jump into the water. Do not let any entity board the boat. Should any of these happen, attempt to wake up immediately. Depending on the strength of your trance, this may be difficult. So long as you wake up before you’re pulled into the water, you will be safe. Stop the recipe and wait a few weeks before trying again.

If you follow my instructions, you will remain safe. The boat will continue its journey until the opposite shore of the lake. Step out of the boat and don’t look behind you. Wake up.

As before, if anything in the room seems out of place, do not carry on with the recipe. Wait a few weeks before trying again. Take the shortest path to your bedroom. Sleep, and do not get up before sunrise. Congratulations, you have survived the second leg of the journey.

Day 3

Again, do not acknowledge the shadows. It is normal for them to appear stronger than before.

The object of power for tonight is a face mask. This should cover your entire face with only holes for your eyes. Choose one that has an elastic to hold it against your face. No partial masks (no part of your face should be visible) and no handheld masks (you need both hands free). Find something that is comfortable to wear and does not obstruct your vision.

Again, place the object of power in the ritual room, and set an alarm for 2:55 AM.

Night 3

Perform the same steps as the previous night. This time, put on the mask before you close your eyes. This step is important.

At 3 AM, you will find yourself in a city. The sky will be completely pitch-dark: there will be no moon or stars. The streetlights will be more than sufficient.

The street around you will also be crowded. They should not pay any attention to you. If they notice you, wake up immediately. Your mask is insufficient protection. Do not carry on with the recipe, and wait a few weeks before trying again.

If they do not notice you, carry on with the next step. Navigate the city streets. The signs will be in a language you do not recognise, but your intuition will tell you which way is the right way. Trust your instincts. Sometimes you will come to a junction that feels “wrong” from all directions. That means you have made a wrong turn somewhere. Turn back and try again.

Along the way, you may recognise some of these “people”. Do not engage them; they are not who you think they are.

Your intuition will guide you to a building. Enter it. It should be completely empty, and there will be a single elevator inside. Go into the elevator. Press the “6” button three times. The elevator will descend. Be alert. When the elevator slows to a halt, do not wait for the doors to open. Wake up immediately.

Go back to your room and sleep. Same rules apply. Congratulations, you have survived the third leg of the journey.

Day 4

The shadows will still be there. These are okay. Be on the lookout for something that feels wrong. You will know it when you feel it. Do not acknowledge or confront her. Bring a holy talisman with you. If you’re Christian, you can use a crucifix. I used a Fu (a Taoist paper charm) for protection.

The object of power for tonight is a stone. You can pick one off the street, or use a precious stone. Its value won’t affect what happens tonight.

Night 4

Do everything the same as before. When you begin, you will find yourself in a house. Some people have reported finding an abandoned house, others have found themselves in an apartment building. There was a case where the participant found herself in a childhood home, except the rooms and corridors were put together in chaotic ways. Wherever you find yourself in, do not waste time looking around. Pick up the stone and find a hiding spot immediately.

When the stone turns ice-cold, time’s up. If you’re not in a safe spot, wake up immediately. It will come looking for you. Most of the time, the round will end with nothing happening. But if something enters the room you are hiding in, I recommend immediately waking up. Do not carry on with the recipe, and wait a few weeks before trying again.

If for some reason you’re unable to wake up, or you choose to continue despite the danger, hold your breath until it leaves. If you’re in a closet, make sure the door is completely shut and do not peek. Satisfying your curiosity is not worth it. If you’re under a bed, close your eyes and do not look at the entity. You may hear furniture being moved and doors being opened. Do not panic: there’s a chance it won’t find you.

When the stone returns to a normal temperature, it means that the entity has disappeared. You have approximately three minutes to find the next hiding spot. Repeat this for two more rounds. The stone will be warm when the third round ends.

Do not hide in the same room twice: it will sense your presence and it will find you. Do not make a sound when it is searching for you: it will hear you and it will find you. Do not attempt to look at it: it will sense that you’re watching and it will find you.

When 4 AM comes around, leave the house and wake up. You must wake up in order to complete this part of the journey. If you cannot find the exit, treat the recipe as a failure and wake up immediately. Do not carry on with the recipe, and wait a few weeks before trying again.

If you succeed, go back to your room and do not get up until sunrise. Congratulations, you have survived the fourth leg of the journey.

Day 5

You’re almost there. You might be afraid of the shadows. You might be afraid of the presence that is following you everywhere now. Don’t give up. So long as you have your talisman with you, she cannot touch you.

The object of power tonight is a pair of steel scissors.

Night 5

When you begin, you’ll find yourself in front of huge gates. You are at the entrance to hell, so tread carefully. A winged beast will be guarding the gates. Do not approach the Gatekeeper until you have picked up the scissors.

When you are ready, you may approach the gates. The Gatekeeper will stop you and watch silently. Do not be the first to speak.

After a while, he will ask “What business do you have here in Hades?”

At this point, it is natural for you to be afraid. Don’t panic; so long as you are holding on to the pair of scissors, he cannot touch you. Reply with “I desire to make a wish with the Witch.” Use this exact wording, and nothing else.

Whatever the reply is, make sure you hear every word clearly, and do not agree to anything he says until he says “I will take you to make a wish with the Witch.”

The Gatekeeper is cunning and will attempt to trick you. If he says “Would you like me to guide you?” and you agree, he will guide you to any destination of his choosing, not to the Witch. If he says “I will take you into Hades” and you agree, he will merely lead you into it and leave you to fend for yourself. If he says “I will let you see the Witch” and you agree, he will let you see her, but not arrange an encounter with her. You get the idea.

If he does not say “I will take you to make a wish with the Witch”, politely repeat “I desire to make a wish with the Witch.” Do not attempt to reason or argue with him. You do not want to offend him. Do not let him lead you anywhere unless he agrees, word for word, to take you to make a wish with the Witch. If he leads you anywhere else, there will be no return.

Once the Gatekeeper agrees, follow him past the gates. Only when you have entered Hades you may wake up. Go back to your bedroom. You may be woken up during the night by sounds such as knocking, glass breaking, or voices calling your name. Under no circumstances should you get up and investigate. Wait for sunrise.

Congratulations, you have survived the fifth leg of the journey.

Day 6

You are the most vulnerable to the other side at this point in time. I highly recommend you stay indoors until you make the final part of the journey. Staring the recipe on Monday or Tuesday will ensure that Day 6 will fall on a Saturday or Sunday. Do not leave the house under any circumstances.

You may receive a call from your boss for a last-minute shift, or a message from your family telling you to come back for an emergency. These people are not who you think they are. The spirits will try to coax you out of your house and allow her to get you.

You may also get unexpected visitors knocking on your door. They may take the form of your visiting family or friends, or a door-to-door salesperson, or a food delivery man when you didn’t order any food.

If you see grinning faces through the window or in mirrors around the house, do not acknowledge them. To be cautious, tape newspapers over them. The only exception is in your bedroom: you need to be able to see the sunrise.

To prepare tonight’s object of power, fill a small glass bottle with olive oil. Throw in six strands of saffron and cap it.

Night 6

Be extra cautious tonight. Be sensitive to your surroundings. If you sense a dangerous presence, or if anything feels out of place, go back to sleep. Do not continue with the recipe and wait a few weeks before trying again. The same rule applies if your alarm doesn’t ring at 2:55 AM, or you find that any of the doors are closed, or that your object of power has moved.

If the conditions seem favourable, you may proceed. At 3 AM, you will find yourself in front of the Witch. Keep your head down and do not look up. There will be a bowl in front of her. Step up to it, uncap your bottle, pour the oil in, then step back.

If she is displeased with your offering, force yourself to wake up. Go back to your bedroom and sleep until sunrise. Destroy the item of power the next day, and never attempt this recipe again.

If you did everything correctly, she will be pleased and offer you one wish. Repeat these words exactly as I tell you to.

“I wish to be free of your presence.”

She will grant you your wish and stop following you ONCE you complete the recipe. Wake up, go back to bed. When the sun rises, immediately pen down instructions to this recipe and pass it on to someone else.

When anyone else reads your instructions, she will haunt them instead of you. There will be no more shadows. No more presence. You will be free of her. You will be safe.

I’m sorry. I had to do this. She was getting closer and closer. I got desperate. But things are better now. Things will be better for you if you carry this out successfully. And don’t mess up. If you die, she will come back to haunt me.

Do this for both our sakes. Please, pass it on.

~ End ~

The Wishing Witch (critique requested)


8 November 2020 at 07:07:12 MST

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