Flats Trade - The Groove Will Move You by TwilightSaint

Flats Trade - The Groove Will Move You


19 January 2015 at 19:22:56 MST

In the beginning, He created a groove,
And with this move, He made His move.
And it set our souls free...
(High five if you know this song.)

Flat colour trade with RachaelM5 of DeviantArt of one of her awesome Jazz Dragons! I don't know much about this dragon, but I do know that he plays the saxophone, and that makes him a bro in my book, (fellow alto & tenor player.)

Dang, this guy was a blast to work on! Not too often I draw instruments, let alone a dragon playing one, hehe. I really wanted to show off his amazing markings. Gave me a run for my money, they did, (especially when I zoomed out and realized how long I had made his tail, hmm...) but they were fun to work on and look great! Very zen~

To my fellow jazz players, you know the groove I'm talking about. This guy is above the concert hall, above the dive bar stage, the music taking him higher and higher and on and on and on and on~


Hope you like it, RachaelM5! I loved working on this guy! :)