Comish - Over the Jerall Peaks by TwilightSaint

Comish - Over the Jerall Peaks


20 December 2014 at 20:53:53 MST

Cell shaded commission for RingTail69 of FA featuring their awesome Skyrim dragon character, Axibqur!

Ooooooooh man, Skyriiiiim! I miss playing that game way too much, and I love the dragons, erm, wyverns, hehe. I had such a blast working on this guy, from his wicked pose to all those gnarly scales and plates! Axibqur here in particular is a Legendary dragon, normally found in a purple and brown colouration.

One of the reasons I love doing these 'frame breaker' speedpaint backgrounds is that I get to practice on different background styles. I used a different technique than I normally do for the mountains, wanting to give them a more rugged appearance as opposed to my typical smooth shading. I used this tutorial for some guidance, and it was a big help! Check it out!

Thanks a lot, RingTail! Hope you like it!