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FurTheMore 2023 Dance Competition / Raze // by TwilightSaint

FurTheMore 2023 Dance Competition / Raze //


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Happy #FursuitFriday!

My 3rd Place performance at the FurTheMore 2023 Fursuit Dance Competition!

-Designed by TwilightSaint in 2015 / Fursuit finished in 2017 //
-Raze / Dinodog Fullsuit / Made by ThePhoenixNest //
-Owned & Performed by myself, TwilightSaint //

Thanks for looking!


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    You are kicking ass live, friend. This just makes me want to see you do a full dance to Danger Zone BTW. B-)

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      Hehe, thanks so much! B) I should do that sooner than later!

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        You're quite welcome, my friend. Also, cool. ^^