Fursuit Dance / Raze / 'Anubis' / Mike Candys // by TwilightSaint

Fursuit Dance / Raze / 'Anubis' / Mike Candys //


16 November 2018 at 10:02:48 MST

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WATCH HERE -> youtu.be/2aqLuq73IhM

Happy #FursuitFriday! Myself as Raze, the Dinodog, dancing to 'Anubis' by Mike Candys!

Another fun track with a bit of Middle Eastern flair! I think exotic-sounding tunes are especially fun to dance with as Raze - bring a little extra sass!

I'm always looking to improve my dancing. Constructive critique is welcome!

-Raze - Dinodog Fullsuit - Made by PhoenixWolf/ThePhoenixNest
-Owned & Performed by TwilightSaint

Thanks for watching!