Comish - Darkness Hearkens by TwilightSaint

Comish - Darkness Hearkens


26 October 2018 at 13:13:38 MDT

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Realistic Shaded, Frame-Breaker Commission for ShadowCommando of FurAffinity, showcasing Valkron, the evil bat lord harnessing his power over darkness!

Oooooh, this guy was SUPER fun to work on! I just loved working on the intensity of his expression and the classic, Dracula-esque clothing he sports, (fun fact, I looove classical vampire lore,) so that was a real treat - and so close to Halloween, to boot, haha! I promised that wasn't planned but it's super awesome anyway, hahahahaha.

Piece best viewed brightness up, on a dark background! Lots of little details there on his clothing and the lighting effects. I wanted the background, though dark, to give a particularly hellish atmosphere.

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Thanks, Radar!