Fursuit Dance / Leyto / 'Do You' / Troyboi // by TwilightSaint

Fursuit Dance / Leyto / 'Do You' / Troyboi //


26 October 2018 at 13:06:42 MDT

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WATCH HERE -> https://youtu.be/z7bM1JCi5ZU

Happy #FursuitFriday! Myself as Leyto, the Border Collie, dancing to 'Do You' by Troyboi!

This is one of my favorite tracks by Troyboi, and I think is really characteristic of his style of music! Definitely a bit deeper than the tracks I normally dance to, and I wanted to play with some body and arm/leg waving to the bass line.

I'm always seeking to improve my dancing! Constructive criticism is welcome!

-Leyto - Border Collie Fursuit - Made by PhoenixWolf/ThePhoenixNest
-Owned & Performed by myself, TwilightSaint

Thanks for watching!