Comish - Evening Shift by TwilightSaint

Comish - Evening Shift


5 October 2018 at 13:30:07 MDT

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Soft-Cell Shaded, Frame-Breaker Background Commission for NFSRacer on FurAffinity, showing their Halo pilot character taking a break after working on her Battlemech!

Something VERY different from me, that's for sure! But I was absolutely up to the challenge and excited to work on these awesome designs! The most challenging parts for me were getting the perspective right on the Mech, since it dominates the canvas, and then rendering the panels so that it didn't look organic and instead resembled weathered metal. Overall I'm very happy with the outcome and had a really fun time working on all of the textures and colors I could bring in on this!

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Thanks, Racer!