Comish - Time Unbound by TwilightSaint

Comish - Time Unbound


23 February 2018 at 13:19:46 MST

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Realistic Shaded, Frame-Breaker Commission for StarrikKyrubui as a birthday present for his mate, Sekioh the wolf-dragon!

Starrik and Seki are a couple of dear friends of mine, and it was absolutely wonderful to get to do a piece for them! Sekioh's design is really cool - part wolf, part dragon, with striking red and white! I had a lot playing with the different hues, and looots of wing real-estate to pour detail into! I included lots of fun textures in this one, from the veining in the wings to the layers in the clouds!

*** You can check out the full-resolution version of this piece & others on my Patreon! ***

Happy birthday, Seki!