Comish - Secrets of the Forest by TwilightSaint

Comish - Secrets of the Forest


2 February 2018 at 16:41:14 MST

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*Soundtrack for this piece! ->
(Actually the soundtrack for...about 80-90% of my art, haha. But the Skyrim flair definitely inspired me to take a bit of a magical play on this piece!)

Realistic Shaded, Frame-Breaker Background Commission for RedBlackDragon over on FurAffinity, featuring Venio, the dragon!

Firstly, I love the name Venio - I think it has an Italian flair to it, and I really love Italian-sounding names! And this guy has a really pretty design, with some really unique markings that I've not gotten to work with before! This was also my first time speedpainting a birch forest proper, so that was really fun to play with the techniques and the cool features that those trees sport. And I am silly happy with how those blue highlights turned out. <3

Venio has found a clearing in this lush forest, one he apparently knows well. A play on him scooping up some earth with his talons, I took a more magical spin on it, like he holds the spirit of this forest in his claws! There are many secrets to this forest, and with that knowing smirk, I'd wager him to be its secret-keeper~

Thanks, Venio!