Personal - 2017 Year in Fursuit Dancing by TwilightSaint

Personal - 2017 Year in Fursuit Dancing


5 January 2018 at 13:55:58 MST

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Happy #FursuitFriday and Happy 2018! This Friday features a special video - a compilation of fursuit dances from 2017!

Folks have really liked my dance compilation videos before, and I really enjoy making them! I've typically done them for competition collections, thank you videos, and improvement timelines, and I thought, why not an annual compilation too? It's a really fun way to look back at the year and all the good and fun dances!

I wanted to show a wide variety of dances and fursuits as well in this video! Fursuits/dances shown are in no particular order.

I'm definitely looking forward to doing this (and Artwork Compilations,) for future years to come! Not only are compilations fun to watch, but I think this is a fun way to recap on the past year, and also show progress along the way. :) Cheers to many more dances to come!

-Music - 'Don't Punish My Love' - Delta Heavy
-Videographers - StarrikKyrubui / Sekioh / Matrices / Ginzan / Kenta Usui //
-Fursuits Featured - Sniper / Spirit / Glitch / Kaneohe / Leyto / Sabotage / Sarge / Raze //
-All fursuits & dances depicted owned & performed by myself, TwilightSaint

Thanks for watching!