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Ref Sheet Comish - Jackaboy by TwilightSaint

Ref Sheet Comish - Jackaboy


18 August 2017 at 14:00:35 MDT

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Flat-Colored Reference Sheet Commission for StarrikKyrubui featuring Jackaboy, the Jacksepticeye Dutch Angel Dragon! This guy is the counterpart to my own Markimoo! <3

This piece is both a Ref Sheet and a Design-A-Character Commission, (and a Portable Ref Sheet! X) ) I had a ton of fun designing this guy! Keeping with the 'septic' theme, I wanted his markings to resemble slime, almost like they're oozing over his back and dripping down his limbs and wings! Much different than the typically striped, sharp-edged designs I work with and make for myself, and it was a blast to work on something so unique and awesome!

Since this guy is the counterpart to Markimoo, my Markiplier Dutch Angel Dragon, I wanted their Refs to be somewhat similar! With Jackaboy's here, I did a similar layout to Moo's informative panel, but wanted to keep it loose and jagged at the same time. I really like how the standalone wing shot and 'Anti' headshot look!

Thanks for looking!