Design Comish - Akkur by TwilightSaint

Design Comish - Akkur


27 February 2017 at 20:42:49 MST

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Flat-Colored Design-A-Character Commission for Kuno_Bloodclaw over on FurAffinity featuring an Alien Insectoid species called 'Akkur!'

This guy is definitely one of the most unique designs I've had the opportunity to work on! I initially envisioned him more like a mantis, but he evolved into a more 'serpentine taur' that turned out really rad and with some really cool attributes! I really enjoyed working on the unique anatomy this guy presents, as well as the range of organic textures! From his flattened, thick 'frills' that run his body laterally, to the tougher plating that it conceals~ He's a peaceful critter, hence the lack of talons and spines! :>

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Thanks a lot, Kuno!