Flats Comish - Other Worlds' Doom by TwilightSaint

Flats Comish - Other Worlds' Doom


13 November 2016 at 19:25:19 MST

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Flat-Colored Commission for Djheutii over on FurAffinity featuring Calcrag, the planet-destroying dragon!

This guy is huge, and I mean, HUGE on a stellar scale! I really wanted to capture that, so we came up with the idea of him blasting a poor planet to smithereens! (Don't worry, the planet was uninhabited.) I had a lot of fun with those effects, as well as his Death-Star-esque light beam attack! I also wanted to emphasize the scale of his wings, having him completely clear the frame of them, yet also show them in a more relaxed pose as he floats through the vacuum of space~

Commission Prices & Terms of Service - https://www.weasyl.com/submission/629052/current-commission-prices

Thanks, Djheutii!