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Meme - Art vs Artist by TwilightSaint

Meme - Art vs Artist


19 May 2016 at 16:25:54 MDT

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Phew, I haven't done a meme in sooo long, but this 'Art vs Artist' template floating around caught my eye - I thought it'd be fun!

I guess the point is to compare the art drawn to the artist themselves, (there weren't any rules as far as I could find regarding this.) So I nabbed the best selfie I've ever taken and slapped some rad art next to my mug! Now that I sit back and look at the selfie and the images I've chosen...things just make a hell of a lot of sense. XD

Epic, flying things that set other things on fire. Pretty much sums things up.

If you'd like to do this yourself, check out the template made by Laghrian of DeviantArt!

Thanks for looking, all! Have a wonderful, safe evening!