Personal - Sniper's Feral Badge by TwilightSaint

Personal - Sniper's Feral Badge


11 May 2016 at 19:59:49 MDT

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Cell Shaded Convention Badge of Sniper I whipped up before FWA this past spring!

Style look familiar? This one was done in the same style I did for a Badge for my Blue Angel boy Jaeger a little bit earlier! It's a unique blend, or a 'Toony' version of my Realistic style for feral DutchADs! It's a lot of fun, and these are super quick to work on! It's also cool to translate my characters into this style, since I usually do my feral characters solely in my Realistic style, (or go the other extreme and make them Chibi, hehe!)

I'll be offering Badges like this in the future! Note me if you've any questions. :)

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Thanks for checking him out! Have a wonderful rest of your week!
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