Comish - I'm Not Here to Play Your Games by TwilightSaint

Comish - I'm Not Here to Play Your Games


17 September 2015 at 18:23:15 MDT

Realistic Shaded Commission for Lizrov of FurAffinity of Rose, the dragoness, who has zero time to deal with your bull****. (Title is so accurate to something I've been putting up with lately - those aware will understand! XP )

Phew, what a piece! Pretty intense working on it, lots of little details and intricate textures, and the background and lighting were actually a bit of a challenge! I had full artistic liberty to design Rose's armour and flamethrower here, which was realllly fun, haha. I also folded her wings to be more bat-like so she could fit in that narrow hallway without damaging them, and anatomy trick I'll be working on in future pieces and for practice.

Check my front page for links to Commission Information and availability.

Thanks, Lizrov!


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    Oh! Dose his breath help the flamethrower?

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      Yep! It more than doubly increases the reach of her normal fire-breathing power. :D