Comish - Slowly Drifting by TwilightSaint

Comish - Slowly Drifting


17 June 2015 at 18:46:06 MDT

Realistic Shaded Commission for Thorin_Pheonix of FurAffinity of Graham, the Dutch Angel Dragon!

Graham is sooo cute! I've loved his design for a while, so it was awesome to get to translate that into my realistic DAD style! Graham here is actually my first DAD in this style of mine, (Spirit and Sniper are ADs,) and it was fun hinting at the more equine-like features and anatomy that these guys sport. I mainly showed it in the shape of his face and muzzle, arced back, and limbs, especially those high wrists. Also, what's that floating in that galaxy, far, far away...?

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DADs are (c) Ino!

Thanks, Thorin! Hope ya like!