Spyro - Toasty the Harvester by Turquoisephoenix

Spyro - Toasty the Harvester


9 February 2016 at 15:27:21 MST

Part 3 of 5 (maybe 6 if I decide to do Gnasty) of my little side project of Spyro the Dragon (Spyro 1) boss revamps.
The other two so far are here:

It's Toasty, the boss everyone probably remembers the most from the original Spyro game, the one with the slightly terrifying boss music. I also tried to make the sheep design a nod to the old Spyro TV ads. Because I subscribe to the idea that the sheep in those commercials is also meant to be the sheep in that scarecrow costume.

So yes this sheep has a gruff, deep voice and sounds like he just got done drinking whiskey and smoking cigars at the local pizzeria.

The origins of Toasty
Toasty started life as a normal, happy nameless little sheep, grazing alongside his brethren, blissfully unaware that his purpose in life was to become dragon food. (dragons have a strong preference to sheep meat in this universe; easier to pick up and eat AND they produce wool) The problem was, his shepherd didn't realize that herding his sheep in the Magic Crafters' world would have any harmful side-effects, and one day, Toasty wandered a little too far away from his herd and began to graze on some grass that was a little too close to a reservoir of wild magic. One bite of grass and Toasty had a thought. Two bites of grass and Toasty started to have ideas. Three bites of grass and he started to have questions. Before long, Toasty was blessed with thumbs, the ability to stand on two legs, and with an incredibly sour deposition against dragons.

And so began Toasty's long, charbroiled crusade against the dragon race, slaughterers of his kind. It didn't take him long to realize that the dragons don't really fear a fuzzy little sheep, even if it's wielding a tool it stole from his shepherd and a sharp attitude, so he built himself a better weapon, a little suit of sorts, the dragons could actually fear. And thus, Toasty the shepherd was born.

"But where did his name come from?" you might be asking? Well, it turns out that both sheep and scarecrows are flammable, and all the dragons in this universe happen to breathe fire. And Toasty's gotten into a lot of fights with dragons. Toasty couldn't be bothered to name himself so he decided he was going to own that nickname.

Also, Because Toasty's sentience is not innate (in fact his "birth" mirrors the origin of the animal races of the neighboring realms like Avalar and the Forgotten Realms and is up for academic study) and is magical in origin, Toasty cannot use magic and is probably one of the only Spyro enemies to not use any magic. If he attempts to use a spell, chances are pretty high that casting the spell will drain the magic reserves in his brain and essentially "short" him out and render him a dumb sheep again. Which is basically the same as death for Toasty.

He's also best friends with Jacques, who gives pointers on how to make the Toasty construct scarier.

And yes I based Toasty's origin off of We're Back, with an obscure animated fish movie and some Discworld thrown in for good measure. Hey it works better than going 'yeah that one animal out of all the thousands of animals you eat for health is the only one to fight back'.

The last two are going to be tough because they're both kind of uninteresting designs (a guy in a whirlwind and a robot with a mohawk), but I'll see what I can do...

Disclaimer: Ask before posting on other sites! Reposting and reblogging is fine, but I'd rather people ask first just so I can keep better track of my art.

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