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Quest for Camelot - Bladebeak Inks by Turquoisephoenix

Quest for Camelot - Bladebeak Inks


Figure I'd kick off this Weasyl with something I never submitted before.

I don't really get into the habit of submitting sketches and inks since I figure people would rather see the shiny artwork in its fully inked glory, but I still really like how I did the brushwork with this drawing.

Quest for Camelot has amazing character designs, backgrounds, music, voice talent, animation...but suffers a bit in the writing department, and it's really apparent in the fact that there are one too many goofy animal sidekicks. We have the two-headed dragon, Bladebeak, the griffin, every single metal soldier in Ruper's army, and the giant CGI rock troll.

I feel the movie would've been a lot stronger if they either cut out Devon and Cornwall or they cut out Bladebeak - or, at the very most, make the griffin just a ferocious monster so each side has just one comic relief - and it's kind of sad to say that this character's entirely pointless since at least the Mr. Potato Head/Eric Idle dragon have a big story arc. I think what would've made Bladebeak stronger is if he did have a purpose to Ruper's army and was sort of like the toadie ogre from Gummi Bears in that, despite being small, was the smartest of the mechanical abominations and was a commander.

Did like the hilarity behind his creation though. We just watch this insane dude just pluck a random chicken from a farm and throw him and an axe in a vat of boiling green acid and it's amazing.

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