The Fallen by TunnelRat (critique requested)

The Fallen (critique requested)


14 June 2013 at 00:04:45 MDT

I am not too sure if this is concidered mature, nothing is actually showing, but if I am wrong I will change it! Sorry. Anyway!

This is something I came up with late last night. I enjoy painting wings, so I thought Id create a creature with them.

I dont fully have a name for her, or race in mind, but for now we can just call her a fallen angel. Also, yes, she is blind, so her helmet covers her eyes, but this does not mean she cannot fight, she goes by sound (Hence the ears).

I am pretty proud with this, I feel like I have improved a lot over the years, if you look back at my old stuff. I hope you guys enjoy!

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    This is AWESOMEEEEE AAAAAA!!! Seriously like holy MOLY LOOK AT THAT LIGHTING * O*

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      Haha, thank yooou! Lighting is my favoritist part /)^3^(\

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    I like the lighting a lot. Also, that's a REALLY difficult pose. Shoulder/neck/arms/hands anatomy is difficult to portray with any measure of accuracy unless you're a really good artist. Face and hands... that's another tough spot for many. Feet, too, at times. And you seem to do all these things well in this pose.

    Art like this makes me want to use fancy artistic words like, "Juxtaposition," but I have nothing to juxtapose, here. Your art is dark, foreboding, and well done. I'm not sure yet what this piece conveys but... it certainly has emotion and feeling in it.

    I especially LOVE that you don't lard down the piece with border lines. My OCD keeps me from watching Lion King 2 for this very reason. You blend your lines well - after all, there are no lines in real life.

    No, I'm not an artist - you wouldn't even want to see my best stick figure. But, oddly, I have an eye for art. Kind of like, I can't sing but I hear melody, tone, pitch and can point out someone who is tone-deaf in a college symphony orchestra. And I'm telling you... you've got quality art, man. :3

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      Plus your user name amuses me to no end. xD

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      Oh! Sorry I hadnt checked this in a while. Thanks for the feedback! Its much appreciated. :)