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Sharing Smaring by tugscarebear

Sharing Smaring


One brisk Winter afternoon, Caiden was set up for a playdate with his friend Darcy.

"Are dey here yet mommy? Are dey? Are dey?" bounced Caiden as he asked him mother who was in the kitchen.

"Not yet sweety. I'm sure they'll be here soon. Why don't you go and get your jacket so you're ready to go when they get here." suggested Cheryl

"Otay mommy!" said Caiden as he rushed upstairs to grab his jacket.

Ding Dong!

The doorbell rang shortly after Caiden had grabbed his jacket and put it on.

"YAY! Dere here!" shouted Caiden as he rushed downstairs to his mother who was greeting Donna at the door.

"Hi Cheryl! So good to see you." said Donna as she hugged her friend.

"It's good to see you too. Thanks for taking Caiden for the day. He's really been looking forward to playing with Darcy." thanked Cheryl as she let Donna inside.

"Where's Darcy?" asked Caiden confused as he arrived downstairs ready to go.

"Oh, she's in the car. I just came in here to grab you real quick so we can go." explained Donna as she was handed Caiden's diaperbag.

"There's extra clothes, diapers, and some snacks if he needs it." said Cheryl as she gave some last minute instructions to Donna and then turned to Caiden, "Now Caiden. I want you to be good and listen to Mrs. Donna. If you give her any lip or trouble she is allowed to spank you."

"Yes mommy, I'll be a good boy." said Caiden as he was eager to leave.

"I'm sure that we'll have no issues. Say goodbye to your mommy and we'll get going." said Donna

"Bye bye mommy!" hugged Caiden

"Bye little man. Have fun." said Cheryl as Caiden and Donna headed out.

Donna lead Caiden out to the van and helped him inside.

"Darcy!" shouted Caiden as he went and embraced his friend in her carseat.

"Caiden! We're gonna haves so much funandplaycarsandtoysanddisneyandfunfunfun..." rambled the three and a half year old dragon hatchling.

"Ok ok. Settle down Darcy. Let's get Caiden in his carseat first and then you can chat." giggled Donna as she wrestled Caiden into the spare carseat.

Once Caiden was buckled in, Donna got in the drivers seat and started driving to her house. The two toddlers talked and giggled most of the way there. About 20 minutes later, they arrived at Donna's house and she pulled into the garage and let both of the little ones out of their carseats.

"C'mon Caiden! Wets go pway!" shouted Darcy as she hopped out of the van but was caught by her mother’s tail before she could get too far.

"Not so fast you two. Before you go off and play I think one of you is in need of a clean diaper." said Donna as she glanced at Caiden who had a stinky butt and was blushing from Darcy's giggling, "You could probably use a change too young lady since you haven't had one since this morning."

Darcy also blushed and nodded as she was a bit soggy. Donna lead them inside and took off their jackets and winter boots and lead them to the nursery to change their diapers. Since Caiden was poopy, Donna decided to change him first. She picked him up and laid him on the changing table and started to clean him.

"Ewww...yucky!" commented Darcy as she plugged her nose.

"No YOU'RE yuckys!" shouted Caiden back from the changing table.

"OK you two that's enough. If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all." glared Donna as she looked at both of them.

Shortly after, Caiden was cleaned and had a new diaper on. Donna left Caiden in just his shirt and diaper and set him on the ground. She then picked up her daughter and began to change her diaper. During the mist of the change, Caiden caught a glimpse of Darcy's bare bottom.

"HAHA! I see your butt!!!" teased Caiden.

"Hey! Stop looking you buttface!" shouted Darcy back.

"Hey! What did I just tell you two?" asked Donna as she continued to wipe Darcy, "No more name calling or teasing understand? If I have to tell you two again you're both going down for an early nap. Got it?"

"Yes ma'am..." replied both toddlers simultaneously.

Donna finished up and put shorts over Darcy's diaper and set her on the ground next to Caiden.

"Now you two play nice. I'll be in the other room if you need me." said Donna as she left Caiden and Darcy.

"Whatcha wanna pway?" asked Caiden

"Hmmm...Wet's pway bwocks!" suggested Darcy.

"Otay!" replied Caiden as they both went and dumped out the bucket of blocks.

They both built large towers, and castles, and buildings out of the blocks.

"Wook at my pwetty town." said Darcy very proud of her work.

Caiden was jealous that her village looked way better than his so he decided to turn into Godzilla and knock her blocks over.

"RAWR!" yelled Caiden as he kicked and pushed her blocks over.

"Hey! top it!" whined Darcy as her village was destroyed "Meanie head! Ima gonna knock yours down now!"

Darcy ran over to Caiden's and knocked his over in retaliation.

"Hey! Stop it!" shouted Caiden as he tackled Darcy.

"What is going on in here!?" said Donna sternly as she walked in to the two toddlers wrestling on the floor.

"Caiden knocked my bwocks over and is bein a meanie....!" whined Darcy.

"Nah uh! She started it an called me names and knocked over my tower too!..." whined Caiden as well.

"I don't care who started it. This is the third time i've had to tell you two to be nice. Maybe you two need a nap so you will learn to behave and listen." suggested Donna

"No!....We'll be nice momma! Don't make up take a nap...." pleaded Darcy.

"Pwease Mis. Donna....We'll be good!" said Caiden

"OK. This is your last warning. If I have to come in here and talk to you about behavior, name calling, or fighting you're not only going to have an early nap, but you'll get a spanking as well. I've given you both plenty of warnings." warned Donna

"Yes mommy..." replied Darcy

"Yes ma'am..." answered Caiden as Donna left.

"You almost gots us in twoble stinky pants." whispered Darcy

"You amost did too skunk breath." shot back Caiden.

"Well ima jus gonna pway by myself den." said Darcy matter-of-factly as she went to the other side of the room to play with her dolls.

"Fine. I will too den." said Caiden as he went over to the stuffed animals.

The two quietly played by themselves for a while. Darcy wanted to add another toy to her area to play with and saw Mr. Bear sitting next to Caiden. It didn't look like he was playing with him so she got up and grabbed the teddy bear. It turns out Caiden was playing with the bear but had set it aside.

"Hey! Ima pwayin wit dat!" shouted Caiden as he grabbed one arm of the bear.

"No you wassn! He was sitting behinds you. Wet go of mistah bear!" shouted Darcy as she grabbed the other arm and tugged towards her.

"Yeah I was! I was gonna pway wit him! Give. Him. Back!" yelled Caiden as she tugged the bear towards him again.

"No! He's mine!" Pulled Darcy.

"Mine!" pulled back Caiden as they went back and forth





"Uh oh....." said both toddler simultaneously

"What is going on in here!?" said Donna sternly as she walked in to see both little ones with the teddy bears ripped arm on the ground.

-End part 1

Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Darcy and Donna and art drawn by piggiethepirate

Story by me.

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