Conspiracy by tugscarebear



4 October 2015 at 01:30:37 MDT

Bobby and Tony had babysitter duty one afternoon for a handful of troublesome toddlers. The four diapered tots were Caiden, Remi, Sammy, and Loupy. Everyone was playing nice and having a good time throughout the evening.

While Caiden, Remi, and Sammy were getting their diapers changed, Loupy acquired the cookie jar. When the other cubs returned to the playroom, Loupy shared his spoils. Not a few moments later Remi, Sammy, and Caiden were caught with the cookies that Loupy gave them by the babysitters. After many pleas from Remi, Sammy, Caiden saying that they weren't the ones that stole the cookie jar and that it was Loupy that did, the babysitters did not believe them. Since the toddlers had a bad habit of lying to get out of trouble and the cookie jar was not in Loupy's possession the babysitters had no choice but to punish them. Tony grabbed Remi and Sammy, pulled their diapers down, bent them over the table, and spanked their bare bottoms. Bobby went to grab Caiden as he pleaded that it wasn't them that stole the jar, but Loupy. Bobby still didn't believe him and took Caiden's diaper off, pulled him over his lap, and spanked Caiden's bare butt as well.

Meanwhile, Loupy was running off in the other room with the cookie jar that he managed to hide in a stack of diapers before the babysitters walked in earlier.

Art by Nelson 88

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