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One Last Trip to the Beach by tugscarebear

One Last Trip to the Beach


23 September 2015 at 04:34:54 MDT

It early Autumn and the weather was still warm where the Smith family was living. With colder weather on the horizon, Mike and Cheryl decided that today would be a good day to beach before it got too cold. So Cheryl got the diaper bag and filled it with swim diapers, food, sunscreen, and sippy cups while Mike loaded the cooler with drinks and lunch early Saturday morning. They then went woke up the boys, who were not happy at first to be woken up early on a Saturday. Once Cheryl changed Caiden out of his wet night time diaper and got both grumpy boys downstairs, they announced that they would be taking a trip to the beach. Both boys instantly perked up and they got ready to go to the beach. Mike and Cheryl quickly got them ready with Kyle in his swimtrunks and Caiden in a regular diaper until they got to the beach. They then loaded up everyone into the van and headed off for a fun family day at the beach.

This super cute piece was drawn by Applepup.

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    Good times.

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    This picture reminds me that I'll never go to the beach with my whole family again...

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      Hm...not the reaction that I was expecting each his own.

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        just causes feels...

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    knowing caidin and kyle one or both will be coming home with a sore bottem

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      Not this trip. They were extra good.