Herro everyone X3. I'm Tyran, but you can call me Tyran or Suto. I'm mostly a traditional artist, but i occasionally do digital art sometimes. If you're all wondering, I did not start off here or dA. I first started off as an artist on a little place called Flipnote Hatena. I left Flipnote Hatena for a larger crowd of people, but I still keep contact with my friends for there. Anyways, I'm a nice person to talk to but I sometimes ramble on about myself, so if you and I were talking, feel free to stop me. Just don't ignore me or just keep saying "mhmmm" or any of that other crap =3=;. My dream is to get others to know about me and my art and to become better than I am as an artist. My main fursona is a Tyranitar. Tyran is his name and I don't care if that name isn't original. Tyranitar is my favorite Pokemon and any other Pokemon that looks good as a muscled anthro. I loved and played Pokemon since 1st grade, but the anime series doesn't interest me much. You guessed it. I'm Asian ^w^. Chinese and Vietnamese to be specific. My main dialect is Cantonese and my secondary is English and Vietnamese. Time has passed and I forgotten most of it and how to write. My English is stronger than my Cantonese and my Vietnamese is sorta rusty. My childhood at home was okay, but my life at school was kinda bad for me. I had little friends in elementary school and not much in middle school. No one really liked me in school back then cuz they thought I was weird, but then I learned in high school that I shouldn't let anyone judge me for who I am. Which is when I didn't care if people thought me being gay was unacceptable. Now and days, some words do hurt, but I'm never knocked down by them. That's all I guess...

Commission Information:

Prices for Traditional Art:

Sketch ($3)

Line Art ($5)

Face/Full Body Portrait ($5) Random Background Color (Free and might get a scenery background) Choice of Background Color (+ $3)

Colored ($7) w/ Background (+ $3)

Colored and Shadded ($12) w/ Background (+ $5)



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No I'm not leaving FA >3<; I will always be here and there X3 I find this as a new beginning. If ur watching me here then watch me there ^^

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