Mlem by T. Strings (critique requested)

Mlem (critique requested)

T. Strings

19 August 2018 at 09:49:29 MDT

Hi there! Just started my online career here so to start it off I've decided to do a sketch a day to build up a portfolio and my skills. Should you have an idea for one of the daily sketches, let me know! The extra help will be well appreciated!

I really like how this turned out, and I can't wait to do more with the style. I already have some more theories to test out. Can't wait to get a better grasp on what I'm doing lol. Enjoy!



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    Damn, this is a sketch? It looks pretty fully rendered! The details look so meticulous.

    Life-like yet endearingly exaggerated! I think maybe the light side of the face could do with details standing out more, mainly the cheek. It's hard to explain what I mean.

    How long did this take? I'm guessing you practiced speed painting?
    Also for sketch ideas, how about a monster or something scary in general? It'd look interesting in your style imo

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      It surely used to be a sketch (lol). I recently splurged on a new drawing tablet so I am going overboard probably--but I like rendering things 8^) I'm not going to lie, you're description of my drawing has me smitten. I really do appreciate it! Makes me want to draw more!

      As for the cheek, I'm going to assume that you mean the one in the warm lighting? I think it could probably use some lighter highlights myself. It would really give the cheek/eye socket a solid form. But at the same time I feel like the softness keeps the attention one the eyes. I'm definitely going to be messing around with lighting a lot, so I'll be sure to tinker.

      Now, this took a while... I want to say maybe 8hrs or so of work? I'm honestly not really sure, it could be less. I really need to learn how to do a more simplistic style for easy, cheap commissions. I like money, but not many people want to spend a lot on comms. I personally use a program that does record as I draw, but I've not yet tapped into the speed paint genre. Got any tips?

      That does sound fun! I just posted what I'm currently working on now and it should be done by tomorrow. I won't be able to start another piece till it is done. Untill then, what kind of spooky boy did you have in mind?

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        Oh yes, good point about the eyes

        8hrs is still pretty good time for how rendered this is. For lower tier commissions, maybe consider uncolored + sketchy commissions? I've seen those sell (along with 'chibis' for commissions that are easier to do) and they might be good to use while you're waiting for people to take the more higher rendered art. YCH commissions also tend to be pretty popular.

        I can't say I know much about speed painting, though I know there's a community for it on Youtube and people who do have tips on it. I've heard working within a time limit where after X amount of minutes, you have to decide not to continue the picture, forcing you to get the most important details out first.

        Oh and spooky chars, are you familiar with Silent Hill? I'm thinking something like a Closer or Schism would look pretty sweet. Hell, even the Robbie the rabbit mascot would look cool rendered.

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          Thanks for the info! It'll be very helpful lol. Sorry this took a sec-- busy busy. I might try to do the sketch or flat color option (for commissions), though I also want to goof around with a more simplistic style ^_^ So who knows.

          I've never seen silent hill, but after looking at those characters I dont know if I really want to lmao. I might do the mascot though. I can't see me knowing where to cut the drawing off on the other two lol. For framing peruses of course ;)