Reignited Ignitus by Trix Master

Reignited Ignitus

Trix Master

2 February 2019 at 00:35:00 MST

Alternate title: ReIgnitus.

I had a trickier time with Ignitus, because I wasn't 100% sure on what Aesthetic to aim for that wasn't done already (and 10 times than what I thought). I say he's a Peace Keeper, but one of the odd dragons out on the Peace Keeper being having a weapon or being exceptionally buff af. I'd say he's a seasoned Dragon that has seen some shit, a grand tactician, and a Blacksmith to fit people with armor (Saw both the armored Ignitus concept art and someone's design of Reignited Ignitus). Though, a Blacksmith can also make nice art. In Ignitus' case if you want to screech that Blacksmiths are solely Artisans, his art is the art of keeping your dork butt safe.

Things I noticed in Ignitus' design besides the obvious similarities between his design and LoS Spyro's, is how messed up his lil shoulder fins got me. I thought it was fur ;A;. It's I say the most complex shoulder padding I have ever laid eyes on.

Ignitus (C) Activision

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