Whisper Model sheet by Trix Master

Whisper Model sheet

Trix Master

1 February 2019 at 11:52:19 MST

My Tabaxi character for another DnD game. I forgot to upload him complete from existence on here and other art sites, besides toyhouse and art station. Was in the mood for another model sheet and my friends suggested Whisper because he's a cinnamon roll and the game he's in was supposed to be played that day.

Whisper on the Wind (Whisper) is a ranger tabaxi, he heard about people not being sorcerers using magic. Being wowed with wonders from the tales the elder Tabaxi had from their adventures. Such tales inspired Whisper to go out and figure out how Wizards wizard. Howl on the Wind (Howl), Whisper's older brother disapproved of such an idea, being a fighter who travels a bit, but wished his brother luck regardless. During Whisper's travels, he paired up with a travelling band, that had a fellow Tabaxi bard named Smooth as Silk (Silk). After a bit of travelling with the group obtaining his owl companion (Soren) and fighting some pretty nasty Gnolls off, Whisper realized he wasn't really close to his goal and parted away from the group. Much to Silk's dismay. On his continued travels, he did come across a pretty disgruntled wizard and proceeded to follow him around much to that wizard's dismay.

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