Nubian Necromancer Adoptable - Closed by Trishields

Nubian Necromancer Adoptable - Closed


28 October 2017 at 16:49:47 MDT

October, 2017
Species: Nubian Ibex
Sex: Male
Portrait included with winning bid.
Both clothed and nude are included on separate PNGs for your use upon winning.

Bids start at $45
Minimum increments of $5
Autobuy at $120

Please reply to the most recent bid, not the base comment. This is a common courtesy so as to alert the previous bidder that you have outbid them. Bids that do not do this will not be counted towards the bidding pool. Do not leave a separate reply on the base comment.

Be prepared to pay for your winning YCH within a maximum of 2 days after bidding closes. If I do not receive payment beyond that, the pose will go to the next bidder.

Bidding starts immediately (10/23/17) and ends on (10/31/17) at midnight.

Bidding is happening over on Deviantart: