Autumn Play YCH by Trishields

Autumn Play YCH


11 October 2017 at 16:26:08 MDT

This is my first Group YCH of this type!

This YCH is open to Three buyers for $50 per pose.
However, if you buy all three, (for your alts, or for you and two friends) you save $5 off of every pose, dropping your total cost from $150 to $135.
This is open to any gender, any species, all customization (however, heights will remain more or less the same for obvious reasons).
All complexity fees have already been added, so feel free to include whatever outfit of your choice with no additional cost.

This YCH is a GREAT bargain for someone looking for a group picture like this, as this Art would cost over $320 if paid for separately at full cost.

YCH comes fully rendered with a background-less PNG provided to each character, as well as the full image once all three spots have been paid for and the art is finished.

This is up for purchase, not auction, and poses are first come first serve, so please message me in a note here on DeviantArt,
or E-mail ASAP if you're interested.
Email me at

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