Historical Wing It Sketch - Cryoxis by Triple-Shot

Historical Wing It Sketch - Cryoxis


14 January 2015 at 22:09:34 MST

Time/Era: 1st Century, Germania
For: cyroxis

Well, this one was a little bit more difficult to find research material for haha, but there you have it cyroxis!

Unfortunately there isn't vast resources detailing what Germanic tribes (nevermind -which- Germanic tribe as there were many) wore during the 1st Century. Of course, after I spent a few good hours researching clothing, I found out that most of the Germanic warriors preferred to do battle naked (they were considered 'well dressed' for battle if they just wore pants/trousers) if they had no armour, which was common. Fighting naked was actually preferable as it enabled higher dexterity and cut down on wound infections from dirty clothing!

Shields were often rudimentary (I used a little bit of artistic licence for the back of the shield) and generally oval or round shaped (especially if used by cavalry), but also included rectangle and some other shapes.

They also, just like the Vikings, tended to carry spears (framea) and/or javelins and were sometimes nothing more than sharpened wood ends.

Want one? I am open for these here!

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    Wow! O_O ...thanks so much, love the intensity! And that tag ;)

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    The germanic warriors wore no or little armor because the majority of them could simply not afford it. Only wealthy warriors and the nobility could effort armors made of chainmail, lamellars or scales.

    The most common piece of protection was the shield for many of them. And those were, as you said, round, oval or rectangle shaped. But the germanic tribes were also converters, means they used weaponry and armor of killed enemies. Roman chainmail or scythian scale-armor were traded for high prices. Also did south eastern tribes have thracian pelta shield (half-moon shaped shields) due to trade and skirmishes with Dacian & Thracian tribespeople.

    As for their clothing, i am pretty sure not all germanic warriors fought naked, it high depended on the envirement and the weather. Also did they use war-clubs in battle. Nothing shackles the head of a legionair more then a heavy wooden club on his helmet. ;)

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    This is awesome.

    I could enjoy your art just for how well you capture historical styles, but it helps that you're also an awesome artist.

    Looking forward to seeing more :3

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      Aww you're so sweet haha and feed my ego more than you should!