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Summary about Tobi by Trickstyr

I’ve been wanting to think about my boy Tobi for a while. Unlike Dylan, I don’t have a fleshed out backstory for him, which is weird cause he is my Icon everywhere and I honestly love Tobi a ton and consider him my secondary Muse (only below Dylan) and overall my second favorite OC. But I can easily ramble a bit about what I want for him:

So the basics that apply to essentially every verse I have of him: Tobi is a 19 year old boy who grew up in a dysfunctional family and has a very, very poor relationship with his father. He is quick to aggression and gets in a lot of fights with his peers, especially as a child and early teen. His aggression usually stems from getting defensive and wanting to prove himself or protect someone close to him. In school he had his close friend group and was very open to letting new people in his life. Despite his short temper, he rarely lashed out at his friends, but he was prone to getting into fights with other students who weren’t his friends, or who he considered bullies. Despite how often he fights, he wasn’t one to actually win very much, more often than not, fights in school ended by it being broken up by a teacher or another student. He did get detention quite often, and suspended a couple times.

Outside of school he was still a troublemaker, he and his group of friends often would cause trouble in relatively harmless ways. Graffiti, petty theft at convenience stores, generally causing a nuisance but no actual harm to anyone unless out of self-defense. Although Tobi doesn’t like to fight his friends, sometimes arguments do get heated and have gotten physical, but most fights end very quickly and later get talked out after time was given for them to settle down. Tobi is very quick to apologize and admit faults if he realizes he was wrong, but will hold firm on his stand point if he believes he is right. he isn’t one to hold grudges often and is willing to make a compromise over something if needed.

Tobi is a character I like to refer as someone “with a heart of gold” despite his aggressive behavior. He genuinely cares for those he holds close in his life and will gladly put himself in the line of fire to protect someone he cares for. His temper can often make him come off as uncaring, but he makes up for it by being as supportive as possible to his friends and even strangers who he feel needs help.

In the verse where Tobi is partnered with Dylan, this becomes a bit more obvious in Tobi’s behavior. Despite the fact that Dylan is very dismissive and often downright rude and even threatening towards Tobi, he still goes out of his way to try and help Dylan, and even defend him in some instances. Dylan is someone who Tobi struggles to read and understand, but after months of working beside him has learned that Dylan’s actions shouldn’t be taken personally and he has nothing against Tobi himself. He may not understand why Dylan is so antagonistic towards him, and wouldn’t learn for a long time, but he knows that Dylan clearly needs someone there to help ground him, which entices him to try and help. Ultimately this does end up convincing Dylan to actually lighten up and give him a chance.

In any other situation, Tobi likely would not have tolerated the actions towards him by Dylan, in fact he would have left near immediately as he does not allow people to walk over him very easily, but he was in a situation where leaving would cost his job and possibly his whole future and could not afford that, so he stuck around hoping to get a grasp on what the problem may be in hopes of fixing it. He was very lucky that his intuition about Dylan’s action were actually right.

I do want to talk some more about the dynamic between Tobi and Dylan, but i’ll save that for some other time.

Summary about Tobi


I don't know where else to put this information so I am posting it here. It's mostly just a quick summary about Tobi until I actually write out his backstory like I did for Dylan.

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