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I guess we should finally chat by Trickstyr

"Sorry.. about the black eye." Dylan had been sitting on the outside deck for a while before Tobi had joined him, sitting beside him though in a separate chair. "It was uncalled for, I know."

Tobi didn't expect Dylan to bring up their fight from last week, the swelling was gone and Tobi had already moved on, but an apology was appreciated, "I mean we both acted out of line, it's not a big deal." He gave a small smile, trying to show that he wasn't bothered by it. He is bothered by a few other things related to Dylan, but the fight isn't one of them.

Dylan however didn't seem content with the apology even if he was forgiven. He knows Tobi is worried about him and simply wants to understand why he's been acting out lately, he isn't sure if Danny had let Tobi know that Dylan may potentially be fired if he doesn't settle down.

"Danny is putting me on meds." He might as well let Tobi know, though it means possibly explaining more than he wants, but he may have to eventually.

"Is he? What's he putting you on?" Danny hadn't told him anything about Dylan possibly being fired, but he did tell him that there is a chance Tobi might be ending his training early for his own safety. The specifics were never explained, however, he has a feeling it has to do with the current subject.

"He wants to try Risperidone, some anti-psychotic drug or something." Dylan hasn't looked at Tobi at all during the conversation, instead staring focusing on his phone, which the screen is still cracked from the fight between him and Tobi. "I know I'm crazy, but I didn't think I was crazy enough to be put on something like that."

Tobi stared at Dylan for a moment, thinking over how he has been acting since they met and if he at all could figure out what exactly the meds would be effecting. Probably the aggressive behavior and his tendency to be hostile for seemingly no reason? "I mean I don't know much about you or if you've been diagnosed with any mental disorders or what not that would need meds." Frankly he knows very little, but he does believe Dylan needs help in one way or another.

"I don't blame you, I don't think I've told you pretty much anything about me." Despite keeping all this to himself for so long, he figured Tobi might as well learn finally. Maybe it'll actually help himself cope, like Danny said.

"At least according to Danny and another doctor I had to see for a couple months, I was diagnosed with Depression, PTSD, and most recently Anti-Social Personality disorder. Which, honestly I can see it after Danny explained what it actually was. Means I'm a sociopath, which I thought was just something made up for movies" Dylan couldn't help but chuckle at the last part, he finds it funny that it's a real thing and he happens to fit the bill.

Depression and ASPD is something Tobi can agree on based on his experience with Dylan. He too didn't have a strong grasp of what a sociopath was outside of Movies, but he did consider Dylan one pretty early on. He however was curious of the PTSD part. He had a feeling that something made Dylan how he is, but perhaps there's even more to it. "I don't really understand the whole sociopath thing too much, but I do get PTSD. I don't think I have it but I can relate to dealing with trauma."

"I think I recall you telling me your dad was an ass. Is it from that?" Dylan finally looked over at Tobi, feeling relaxed at how calm Tobi reacted to what he said. He wasn't sure what he was expecting, but a calm reaction was good enough.

"Yeah he was a bitch, broke my arm and shit." Tobi pulled up his sleeve to show a surgery scar that trail down the side of his arm. "Ever had to get a bone set? It's worse than the actual break."

"Oh, yeah I've had to get a bone or two set, it's hell." Dylan couldn't help but smile, enjoying the fact that he and Tobi are actually bonding over something and not fighting about it. "I don't like talking about it, hence why I never do, but I've been through a lot." He pointed at the scar across his nose. "This happened about 2 years ago, along with the other scars on me. I try to forget about it but that's hard when it's literally on your face. Granted that was probably one of the lesser things I went through."

Tobi had perked up when Dylan started to actually tell him a little bit. He doesn't expect to know details, but a little information would sate his curiosity. "Danny told me you've been through hell, but never said anything more, to be honest, trying to learn why you're the way you are has been a bit of a interest to me-- er... I hope that's not weird."

Dylan laughed at that comment, finding it actually kinda funny. "What? Like I'm some grand mystery you need to uncover? My life ain't that interesting

But yeah, I'd say I went through hell, something I hope you never go through."

Tobi actually paused at the last part Dylan had said. Dylan has been one to sometimes threaten Tobi and make it pretty clear that he doesn't care for his well-being. The fact that he would say that he doesn't want Tobi to suffer as he did was a pretty big deal to him. But now he wonders more what Dylan actually went through that was bad enough for him to not want someone else to go through it. "Do.. do you want to talk about it?"

Dylan stared at Tobi for a moment before shifting his gaze to the ground. He didn't respond immediately, instead heaving a sigh first, "I had a boyfriend a few years back. We started dating when I was like... 17 I think, and it was fine at first, at least from what I knew about dating, which was very little."

Tobi listened intently, finally learning a bit about Dylan was such a big deal to him. Maybe to finally understand him.

Dylan paused, trying to decide what all he wanted to say and what information he wanted to leave out, "I think it was around my 18th birthday I started to realize how controlling he was, it became apparent that he was a bit of a dick, I mean long story short, he's who gave me all these scars, as payback for breaking up with him."

"He did that to you?" Dylan's reluctance to befriend people suddenly made a bit more sense. Putting his trust in someone got him severely hurt, Tobi doesn't blame him for being cautious. "Dude, I'm sorry he did that, that's fucked up."

Dylan shook his head, giving a halfhearted chuckle, "I got back at him for it, shortly before you showed up. Tracked him down and shot him in the head. Deserved it more than you may realize, what he did to me is only a small portion of what happened."

For once, Tobi wasn't appalled for Dylan killing someone, he felt this time it was justified, especially if what he said is only a small portion. "Well the bitch got what he deserved then." But was that the hell Danny mentioned? He wondered if there was more to it.

"Is your arm related to some hell you went through too?" His curiosity got the better of him, he had to ask.

Dylan however frowned, looking down at his cybernetic hand, balling it into a fist after a moment of thinking, "This... this was from the worst hell I went through, I'm.. not ready to talk about it."

Dylan's reaction had Tobi realize he went too far with the questions. Something worse than what he told him has happened, and if he doesn't want to talk about it, Tobi will respect that. "That's fine by me, if you ever want to tell me, dude, I won't judge."

"Oh, trust me, I'm not worried about you judging me, I just don't want your sympathies." Dylan forced a chuckle as he glanced over at Tobi. "All I'll say is if you ever end up in a situation like it, you'll wish you were dead. I know I sure did...still do, really.."

I guess we should finally chat


This is a continuation based off two previous drabbles and further delves into Dylan's troubling issues that effect his ability to interact with others.

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