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Tendency for Isolation by Trickstyr

"Are you getting along with Tobi yet?" Daniel glanced up at Dylan, who has just sat down in the chair across from him. Dylan wasn't looking at him, however, instead focusing on his phone. This doesn't bother Daniel, he knows well that Dylan tends to avoid looking at him when troubled by something.

"Yeah I guess, I mean, we haven't argued in a few days so that's a plus." Dylan was keeping his eyes glued to his phone, checking text messages from both Tobi and Jesse asking where he is. He was supposed to meet up with them 20 minutes ago, Dylan has no desire to answer them though, so they will be left on read for now. "I think Tobi gets along better with Jesse and Phillip than he does with me, you should of teamed him up with them instead." Daniel was going to ask him another question but instead frowned at what Dylan said. It's clear that Dylan still is unhappy with the current arrangements despite several weeks passing already.

"You know why I chose you to train him, it has nothing to do with how well you two get along, but it would certainly help if you actually tried to befriend Tobi, instead of keeping him at arms length. You won't heal this way." Daniel watched Dylan's reaction to what he said, seeing him sigh and finally put his phone away in favor of leaning onto the desk, resting his chin in his hands. .

"I don't want to befriend him, I don't need to do that to heal, he just gets in my way of things." Dylan gave a huff, finally looking at Danny with a slight glare. Daniel simply shook his head, unsure of how to convince Dylan that this could actually help him. He knows why Dylan is reluctant, but still.

"Isolating yourself is doing you no good, Dylan. I had thought you were doing okay with befriending Jesse and Phillip, but once you got too close you immediately reeled back." It was kind of frustrating to Danny. The fact that Dylan refuses to even try to move on is only making it harder. "I know you had a lot of trouble in the past, but I honestly do not understand why you won't give anyone a chance. They won't hurt you, hell, Tobi even told me he's worried about you. That should at least mean something, right?"

"Psh, Worried? Why would he be? He doesn't know anything about me."

"He's knows more than you give him credit for. He has had to deal with you daily for weeks now, he may not know your past or much of your interests, but he sees how you act and has learned enough to notice when you are acting off."

"He should keep his opinions and worries to himself, I'm fine."

"You cannot come to me and tell me you're fine, Dylan. You have not been fine for a long time, and the longer you push everyone away, the harder it will be for you to make any progress at all."

The conversation between Daniel and Dylan only lasted a short while before Dylan left to finally meet up with Tobi and Jesse. He knows Danny is right, isolating himself and pushing everyone away is doing him no good. Maybe he should give Tobi a chance? He isn't sure how he would possibly hurt him, but the thought of it being even vaguely possible makes him reluctant. He doesn't know how worth it, it truly is. Dylan had made his way out of the Theta building and walked several blocks down the road, pausing in front of the bustling Arcade on the corner. He was supposed to meet them here a while ago, wonder if they assumed he wasn't going to show up. Honestly Dylan doesn't want to be here, it is much too loud and crowded, but it's not like he has anything better to do, so after staring at the entrance long enough, he finally went in. The arcade was massive, as such places recently became popular again, it took a little while to actually find Tobi and Jesse, who were sitting at a table eating pizza instead of playing anything. Tobi noticed Dylan first and waved him over.

"We were starting to think you weren't coming," Jesse spoke up first when Dylan came over and took a seat at the table, "You doing alright?"

"Yeah, yeah I just had to pay a quick visit to Danny before heading out, didn't mean to make you wait so long." Dylan gave a friendly smile as he explained his excuse. He won't go into detail about what he was talking to Danny about. At least not while Tobi is present. He has shit talked Tobi to his face before, but for now, he is keeping in mind what Danny had said. Tobi was too busy chewing his food to talk immediately, instead studying Dylan and trying to pinpoint his mood. Dylan can be hard to figure out sometimes, but he has noticed that in the past week, he seemed to be more anxious.

"So, are you going to join us in some games, or just watch like last time?" Jesse decided he was done with his pizza, setting the crust back on the plate before grabbing and sipping at his soda.

Dylan just shook his head, "I'll watch, you two enjoy arcades more than I do." Unfortunately this answer made both Jesse and Tobi frown.

"Isn't watching boring? I mean you can't possibly have any fun doing that, dude." Tobi finally spoke up now that he didn't have food in his mouth. He has gathered that Dylan is the opposite of a social butterfly, in fact seeming to really hate being around others 99% of the time, but he can't fathom that Dylan couldn't try to relax and have a little fun now and then.

Dylan shook his head, no, instead pulling out his phone to check for new emails, "Video games aren't my thing, but I'm perfectly content just watching." Which is both true and false, He is content with watching, but he still doesn't want to be here in the first place. It is too loud, too crowded, and he would much rather be home on his laptop, talking to his pet bird The bird gets more conversation out him compared to anyone else. Neither Jesse or Tobi felt it worth trying to convince Dylan otherwise, Jesse has known Dylan for almost a year now and is well aware that Dylan isn't really big on... well, anything. He struggles to find any sort of hobby or past time that Dylan will actually try, much less enjoy. It's beyond him, but he accepted it a long time ago and expects it.

"Well if you find any game that actually catches your eye, let us know." Jesse got up, ready to go play something, Tobi and Dylan followed suit. The group would spend the next 45 minutes going from game to game, collecting points on their cards and generally having a fun time. Even though Dylan did not join in, he made an effort to be part of the conversations and remark about whenever one of them made a mistake or lost. About half way through the time there, what Danny had said reemerged in Dylan's head, about giving Tobi a chance and being nicer to him. He had his doubts, however for the rest of the time, he made an effort to actually say a few nice things towards Tobi. If he lost against Jesse, he would tell him he did well and would have better luck next time, and if he won, he would congratulate him, though occasionally throw in a snide remark about his win being luck or the game being too easy. Tobi and Jesse both noticed the change in Dylan's remarks, neither mentioned it to him, but Tobi began to wonder if it had anything to do with his visit to Danny. Nothing else had changed and before this, Dylan would rarely, if ever say anything nice. It was a welcomed change, though Tobi fully expected it to be short lived.

Tendency for Isolation


This is a short drabble I wrote about Dylan and his viewpoint on being forced to have friends. I am considering continuing this at some point but for now consider it finished.

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