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Accidental Argument by Trickstyr

Despite being stuck working with each other for months, this is the first time Dylan allowed Tobi into his apartment. He wasn't sure what to expect of it, despite being neighbors, Tobi honestly expected Dylan's apartment to be vastly different from his own. Turns out it's pretty much the same, same furniture, same layout, just spotless. He knew Dylan could be a bit of a neat freak, but he didn't expect his home to look like no one even lived in it. Granted he's only seeing the living room and kitchen, the bedroom could be a different story.

Dylan was seated on the couch, looking at his phone, as per usual with him. He had a TV but he didn't bother to turn it on, he rarely did, he only has it as the room came with it. Tobi wasn't entirely sure what to do, he doesn't know what house rules Dylan may have, but for now he decided to just sit on the other end of the couch, giving Dylan plenty of space. Dylan only gave him a quick glance before looking back at his phone with a slight grin.

"You don't need to be awkward, it's not like we haven't been partners for months now." Dylan spoke up with a chuckle, having noticed Tobi's uncertainty. But he doesn't blame him. Dylan invited him over out of the blue, and he has never done that. Hell, he's even mentioned never letting Tobi coming in here. The only reason he did is because Danny told him to try and spend some time with Tobi outside work and actually try to get to know each other. Dylan simply felt more comfortable doing it in the safety of his apartment.

"Hey, this is out of the norm for you, I'm allowed to feel awkward. For all I knew your apartment would be filled with literal skeletons." Tobi gave a huff, trying to figure out Dylan's intentions with all this. Is he trying to be nice? Does he have some weird ulterior motive? With how much Dylan acts like his existence is a burden on him, he wouldn't put it past him.

"Skeletons? You know I'm not a serial killer right?" Dylan finally put his phone away, deciding he should maybe pay some attention to his guest. Its only polite right?

"Wouldn't surprise me with how you act." Tobi isn't meaning to sound rude, he's smiling, though feeling unsure and hoping Dylan knows that he's joking.

"Honestly I agree, though to be honest, had you met me a few years ago, you would be closer to the truth than you may realize." Tobi paused at what Dylan said, suddenly put on edge at the implications.

"What do you mean? You saying a few years ago you were a serial killer?" Dylan shrugged, trying to decide how much he wanted to truly say.

"By definition, maybe. I am unsure if it counts because I was part of a gang."

The teen just blinked, trying to wrap his head around what he was just told. "So you're saying that a few years ago, you were in a gang and actively killed people?"


"Why are you telling me this?"

"You brought it up, besides you wanted to actually know shit about me right? Why not tell you why I am not bothered about killing. When you killed that guy a few weeks back you were really shaken. Never seen you so scared."

"Wh... Of course I was! I killed someone! That's a big fucking deal!"

"Not really, You know he was going to kill you right?"

"What-- no he had no weapons on him, you even told me I had nothing to worry about going into it."

"Had I told you he was armed you would have backed out."

"No shit I would have! So what, are you lying about half the people we deal with? You never let me see the fucking papers about them."

"Mmm... only a few. The point of me being here is to train you. I knew he was a threat, but I also would have stepped in if you couldn't handle it."

"Bullshit, you would have let him kill me."

"If that wouldn't get me fired, I would have. But no, I have to make sure you live for these 12 months otherwise I lose my job."

Tobi growled, getting to his feet, glaring at Dylan. "Some fucking teacher you are! What would you have done if you're little plan didn't work and I got hurt, huh?"

"Obviously get you medical attention. But you didn't get hurt so what's the big deal? The guy is dead and you aren't." Dylan appeared amused by Tobi's outburst, not bothering to move from his spot. In fact he pulled his phone back out, moving his attention to that instead.

"That's not how you teach people! That's how you get them killed!" Tobi isn't even sure what to be more upset about. The fact that Dylan admitted to putting him in unnecessary danger, or the fact he is being trained by a possible serial killer.

"It worked did it not? you got to learn what it's like to kill someone."

"Just because you kill people doesn't mean I need to! There is always another option, we're supposed to arrest people, not kill them unless absolutely necessary!"

"It was necessary."

Tobi was fuming, even more annoyed at how nonchalant Dylan was about this, acting like this is not a big deal. Him being on his phone only irk the teen so much more. To the point that he ripped the phone from his hands. "If you're going to talk to me about this shit, pay fucking attention!"

Dylan sighed when the phone was swiped from him and got to his feet, his expression switching to that of annoyance. "Fine, what do you want from me, an apology?"

"Yeah sure, whatever that'd be nice for risking my fucking life."

"Gimme' the phone back an I will." Dylan held out his hand expectantly.

"Apologize and I will." Tobi took a step back, holding the phone behind his back. A glare still on his face.

"I could easily change my mind about how badly I want to keep this job." Dylan took a step forward, before repeating himself. "Give me the phone."

"Well now I'm not fucking giving it back if you're going to threaten to kill me, what the fuck dude?" Tobi wasn't sure how truthful Dylan was being. Does he hate him that much to kill him and risk his job?

Accidental Argument


This Drabble wasn't supposed to be an argument, but it derailed so quickly that I just rolled with it. I may consider this as it cuts off rather abruptly.

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