Friendly Embrace by Trias

Friendly Embrace


21 June 2018 at 19:56:52 MDT

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Mr. C's heart was racing as Mrs. P dozed off in his arms. He wanted to cry, he wanted to hurt himself, he couldn't believe he did what he did. It was Mrs. P! A friend of his, mother to 4 charming youngsters, and wife to another friend for many years. Why did he do that? Why?

Was he acting on predatory instincts to take advantage of a weakened "prey"? No, he would have done much more to her if that was the case. His loins ached as it was, but he didn't even let himself get exposed while he was pleasing her. Pleasing her... yes, that's what he was doing. He did nothing to please himself beyond making her happy, even if for a moment.

But what was the price? How would this change things between them? Would she no longer seek his comfort, feeling he was trying to take advantage of her? He couldn't stand to think of that. Most of his people were locked on the other side of the time tunnel... Well, those that might have survived. He didn't even know where his mother was, and Gilbert was nearly killed. He had no one to turn to, no one to lay his fears on or seek comfort in beyond Mrs. P.

Well... there was Erma... but they barely knew each other... and she lived in the Triassic... Wait a moment.

It took all of his energy not to jump out of the nest as he remembered something important; there were two primary towns, one at the end of the line at troodon town, the other at the beginning of the line. The train had been immobile for the full week as the staff around it were tending to the passengers, as well as the on hands to see who was still fit for work. He knew Laura was still alive and mostly fit, but he'd have to see if she'd be up for coming along after having lost an eye.

He'd need to see who was going to be able to assist in making whatever repairs were needed to the train, and who'd be willing to go with him to the beginning of the line. If he was lucky, there would be enough troodon there who could help with excavating the time tunnels and re-establish a link with whatever was on that timeline.

His mind was buzzing with the idea that he could kickstart opening the pathways back to the time where Buddy, Mr. P, and all the others were that, at first, he didn't notice that Mrs. P was wriggling and flinching in her sleep.

He looked at her as she twitched and smiled, thinking she was probably enjoying a good dream.

That is, until she shot bolt upright out of his arms, her eyes wide as she screamed.

Mr. C jumped a foot at her reaction, seeing Mrs. P wide eyed and clutching her chest, looking around, as if she'd just lost something. "Mrs. P?!"

"MOM!" came a dual yell from the ridge as Tiny and Don flew down, both having been woken by her scream of panic. The two landed in the nest as Mr. C gently grasped Mrs. P's shoulders.

"Mrs. P, it's all right, it was just a dream." he said as she struggled to catch her breath, her eyes blinking as she focused on Tiny and Don, which she scooped up in a hug.

"oh Tiny... Don..." she said, on the verge of tears. "I'm sorry for waking you. It's all right, I just had a bad dream." she spoke, as Tiny and Don clutched at her.

"What kind of dream was it?" Don asked as Tiny looked at her, hoping she'd tell.

"Umm..." she was silent a moment before she spoke. "It... was scary and I don't want to tell you. I wouldn't want to scare you." she said. Don accepted her explanation while Tiny was a bit more puzzled, not as easily believing it, though her mother spoke up. "C'mon kids, let me tuck you back in." she said as she took to the air with her kids in tow. Mr. C just watched her put Don and Tiny back to bed before she returned to the nest on the ground. She gave Mr. C a look that she wanted to talk, but said nothing before she lay down, turning her back to him. "Good night, Mr. C." she said simply. She was greeted with a warm hand on her shoulder and knew he wasn't going to leave it be.

"I'm not letting you go back to sleep to have the same dream again." he said. She sat up, her back still to him.

"I really don't want to talk about it. Especially not after what we did." she said, almost spitting out the words. She didn't see Mr. C close his eyes, as if he'd been punched, but she knew that was what her words basically were like and instantly regretted saying that to the only person who'd given her support since the situation grew so badly.

"You don't have to forgive me for what we did, but I do know that if you don't vent some of it out, it will eat at you." he said. "Please, tell me at least what it was about." he said, laying a hand on her shoulder again.

She turned to face him, her expression forlorn as she looked him in the eyes, her beak trembling as she remembered the dream in vivid detail before she hugged herself tightly to his chest, but what she said wasn't reflecting the dream.

"I'm so sorry... You've done so much for us... for me... you're not to blame for just trying to help..." she said as she choked back a wave of tears and sadness. Mr. C slowly wrapped his arms around her, holding her firmly, and she soon found herself listening to his heartbeat again. Soothing, calming... She slowly let her tears dry up. "The dream..." she started, choking softly. "it... was about Buddy..." Mr. C placed a hand on her head, coaxing her to press it against his chest as he gently shushed her.

"Shhhhhh... that's all you need to say right now... We'll talk about the rest later." he said as he stroked her head. "Starting tomorrow, I'm going to set things in motion to try and get the tunnels open again. I need you to stay strong while I do it; the tunnels won't be open in a day and it will still be some time before we can go looking, but... I'm not going back on my promise."

He gently lay down with her in his arms as she slowly breathed, listening to his chest, and soon, she had returned to sleep. He looked up at the stars in the sky and nodded. He could do this. He WOULD do this. For Gilbert. For Shiny. For Don. For Tiny. And most of all... for the one in his arms. He held her tighter, feeling a deep warmth in his chest and a comfort. He wanted to help her, protect her.

And he would.


End Chapter 2 

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