Long Distance Hearts ~ Part Two by Trias

Long Distance Hearts ~ Part Two


12 March 2018 at 06:37:55 MDT

Story illustration commission for LegionBeast LegionBeast ~ excerpt down below!

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Mr. C had spent the first seven days after the catastrophe living with the Pteranodon family, making daily trips to the train station to visit Gilbert and Shiny and assist with his recovery before returning to the Pteranodon family area. Don and Tiny were happy to have someone who'd play with them and help teach them and Mrs. P was glad to have someone helping her with her kids while she did much needed work around the area, such as refining the nest or catching fish.

Mr. C. mused all this over, wondering what little adventure or story the siblings were going to be interested in today, though when he broke the brush line that lead to the lake, he was greeted by Mrs. P, Tiny, and Don all standing and looking at him before they jumped aside, revealing that they were hiding something behind them.

"SURPRISE!" they yelled in unison as they revealed a second nest, this one ground level near the lake, and rather nicely crafted. Mr. C jumped, hardly believing his eyes.

"Well bless my scales and feathers!" he exclaimed. "Did you all make this nest for me?" he asked, though he was pretty sure he knew the answer as he stepped closer.

"We certainly did." Mrs. P said as she smiled.

"It took us all day!" Tiny said, making it sound like it was the most arduous task she'd ever done.

"Yeah, but I think he would have liked a big hole, more." Don said. Tiny huffed at him while Mrs. P and Mr. C chuckled, Mr. C rubbing Don's head.

"Thank you all. Guess I'm a part of the pteranodon team now." he said in a peppy tone that made Tiny and Don perk up and cheer before they decided they wanted to play some games with Mr. C. Taking his hat off, he was happy to do so as Mrs. P took off to catch some fish.


That night, after dinner that Mrs. P had expertly caught, Mr. C climbed into his nest, the simple structure being rather comfy and spacious. He used his vest as a sort of cushion, the ticking of his pocket watch having become a sort of comfort to listen to.

Up on the ridge, Mrs. P had tucked Tiny into the nest, as well as Don, though just about as soon as she turned her back, Don had crawled out and into a hole he'd been sleeping in every night. She rolled her eyes at his actions. He was a young male, it only made sense that he'd want to start pulling away from "mom's nest". Mrs. P stroked Tiny's head and gave her a kiss before she tried to lay down and rest.

"Mom?" Mrs. P heard the small voice chirp up. She sat up, looking at Tiny, standing next to her, clutching her tiny doll. "Can I talk to you? It's, umm... private..." she said. Mrs. P had no idea what it could be, but happily made room for her.

"Of course you can. And I'll keep it a secret too." she said, not sure what the subject was, but wanting to re assure her offspring as she sat in her lap. Tiny was quiet for a little while before she held up the tiny doll.

"You made a really good tiny doll, mommy... I remember when I lost my first tiny doll... the one dad made..." Mrs. P remembered it clearly, she hadn't seen Tiny so sad in such a long time. "Then I remember that Dad tried really hard to make a new one... and it was cute too, but it wasn't the same..." she said, sniffling and hugging her little stick and leaves doll close. "And this one is cute... but not the same..." Mrs. P lowered her head slightly, knowing she couldn't remake the one she lost. "They are gone... just like Dad..."

Mrs. P's heart thumped hard. She didn't know if she wanted to cry or be angry at what her daughter said and was quiet a moment.

"And worst of all..." she said, sniffling, starting to sob, at which Mrs. P kept slowly stroking her head. Her sobbing slowed and soon she took a deep breath... and began to make a rhyme.

"You made me a new tiny doll, yes you made another, but what I miss most of all, is my missing brother..." she said as a shiver ran through her frame as Mrs. P decided on starting to cry along with her daughter.

"Oh Tiny... I miss him so much too..." she said, sniffling. "I miss his big green eyes... his big toothy smile... the way he'd run or gobble down his food..." she chuckled. "or how he'd sniff out anything or spot fish from so far away.

"How he'd snuggle up close in the nest, so nice and warm..." Tiny said, though Mrs. P could swear she heard some sort of change of tone in her voice. "the smell of his carrion breath was bad, but I miss it now... I miss how he'd lick my neck in his sleep." Tiny giggled. "It tickled so much and made me feel really good." she said, looking up at the stars.

"I... I see..." Mrs. P now knew why this was private. She knew Buddy and Tiny were basically inseparable, only venturing apart for short periods of time, but she didn't know that Tiny felt THAT way about her adopted brother. Still, Mrs. P smiled. "We'll find him again one day. Then you can play and snuggle and lick all you want." she said. "Though I may have to explain a bit to you about-"

"Mating?" Tiny interrupted and Mrs. P froze. "I know about it... You and Dad weren't always quiet at night." she said, a bit flatly. "I know you do it with someone you really love... and I know Buddy isn't a pteranodon... but, neither is Gilbert." Mrs. P was struck speechless by her daughter's logic. She certainly had learned a lot. Mrs. P took a soft breath as Tiny slowly relaxed, finally feeling sleep hitting her.

"Just remember how much you love him... and look up at that sky and think about how you'll meet him again." she said as Tiny fell farther asleep, Mrs. P laying her down to properly lay in the nest.