Silly Birdie, Omnitrix's are for Mutts! by Trevor-Fox

Silly Birdie, Omnitrix's are for Mutts!


3 April 2019 at 08:21:54 MDT

Commission for Nearu-Senpai!

No matter how much he twisted and beat the Omnitrix, he just couldn't seem to get it to work. As he raised his fist to the heavens to curse the Omnitrix and it's creator, it sprang to life and enveloped the bird in the gooey tendrils that sprang from it. Struggling and hopping, he tried to escape the trappings pressing against him. It finally felt like he was making headway as he was able to stretch and push out against them. Realizing he was now sitting, Nearu looked down at himself and held out his hand, now a paw. He was very pleased with what he saw, and a big smile crossed his now eyeless face, happy to be turned into such a cool alien!

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